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Tropea, Italy

In Italy Tours offers culinary tours and unique, authentic vacations in Calabria, Sicily, and the hills of Rome.

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  • a traveler Lebanon

    TripAdvisor website

    We visited Tropea in early May 2016. Tania Pazcuzzi, owner of In Italy Tours took care of everything for us. She arranged accommodations at a beautiful bed and breakfast and transportation in the area. We had a cooking class at a farm, a fabulous lunch at a special local cook's home, a walking tour, a trip to a vineyard with wine tasting and a visit to an Nduja factory (a local sausage). Everything was excellent. Tania seems to know just about everyone in the town, and she knows what she is doing. We were very pleased and we strongly recommend that you let Tania arrange everything for you. She will customize the activities to suit your desires and the weather. You can use In Italy Tours with complete confidence.

  • a traveler Australia

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    We had the good fortune to experience a brilliant day of food, wine, culture and brilliant people. We were picked up at our front door by Tania and her driver and driven out to the farm, around 10-minutes away. There we were met by our hosts Vera and Alessandro, where we were served a cafe and local tasting plate of cheese, salami, hams, and olives. All the food we used were either grown on the farm or sourced locally, including the wine. We had a fun morning helping prepare, cook and serve the local food we were going to eat for lunch. Prior to lunch we toured the farm and met the rest of the family and their wonderful array of pets. The farm is set in the hills just behind Tropea, with amazing views and scenery. Then we had lunch... What a feast!! The spread was amazing all set in a traditional Calabrian environment. We finished the day with a homemade cake prepared by Vera with some local limoncello. We sat and chatted for the afternoon with Tania, our hosts and the Family, and when we were ready our driver came and picked us up and dropped us back at our door. Just a fabulous and memorable day. Thanks.

  • a traveler Canada

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    This cooking class was the highlight of our two week trip to Italy. We are Canadian with no Italy roots, and yet these people make you feel like you are part of the family, which was exactly the type of experience I wanted! They show you how to make pasta from just water and flour, and we chose the seafood option so there were muscles, clams, tuna, red onions, and eggplant dishes. They gave us delicious wine to drink before and during dinner, as well as some yummy appetizers. We went for a short walk to see the vineyards and tiny little grapes growing. There was tons of food, and the hosts who picked us up right from our resort were able to answer all of our questions even though we didn't know how to speak any Italian. Wonderful time!! If you are visiting Tropea this is the one thing you need to do.

  • Damaris

    In Italy Tours website

    I wanted to thank you for the wonderful cooking class! That was one of our highlights of the trip - Rick and I enjoyed ourselves immensely! Marianne's food was incredible and it was such a nice group of people to cook with! We can't wait to try the recipes at home. Please let me know if there are any good photos of that night! I also recommended your tours to my girlfriend who is a travel agent.

  • Monica Schulz Cyprus

    In Italy Tours website

    Now that I've settled back and unpacked, I would just like to add a few words of gratitude to you, Tania, for the welcoming hospitality you have given both to Alex and me during our exquisite vacation in Tropea. I have always been aware of what Italians have to offer both in the culinary and fashion industry but you have managed to execute the Italian cuisine and way of life in Calabria in a way I believe no other can.I applaud you for your mannerism in the way you translated the language for us to understand step by step (already I have put into practice some of the dishes we made together). We shared wonderful humor together and in all honesty haven't laughed so much. Jenni and Noel were wonderful company couldn't have asked for a better couple to accompany us on this wonderful experience. You will definitely see me again and I look forward to more memorable times together. Ciao, bella!

  • Joni Colorado United States

    in Italy Tours website

    Hi, Tania! Greetings from the Rocky Mountains! Meeting and getting to know you was one of the highlights of my three weeks in Calabria! The visit and cooking class with Marianna could not have been sweeter or more fun, and the food was fabulous! All the best with everything! Ciao, ciao!

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