Hanoi Food Tasting Tours

Hanoi Food Tasting Tours can be your guide to visit Hanoi streets by walking and to explore Vietnamese food culture by tasting the most delicious dishes in Hanoi.

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We had a great night discovering Hanoi with Ha. He took us to not only amazing restaurants, but also to little side alleys with the most delicious food. Each tour, he coordinates it to the clients likes and dislikes, which was fantastic. You also get to see the real Hanoi, the streets, the way of life, and the vibe! I recommend it 100%. And, he even cooks for you!


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This was an excellent food tour. Given the price and the title, I was expecting to maybe stop at a few food stalls on the street and sample the food there. Instead, our food tasting tour took us to about 10 different locations where we tried a number of different types of traditional Vietnamese cuisine ranging from food that can be found anywhere in Vietnam to food local to Hanoi.

Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and told us a great deal about the history of different dishes, as well as popular ways to eat different kinds of foods. Though our tour stopped at around 21:30, our guide made it clear that he was certainly available to take us to more places if we were still hungry and wanted to explore more. All in all, it was an excellent cultural experience that I would recommend to anyone. This was great value for the price of the tour and it is a great way to spend a few hours familiarizing yourself with the Old Quarter and other nearby areas of Hanoi.


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Our tour was organized by the Elegance Ruby Hotel and Mr Ha was our guide. He is very knowledgeable, speaks excellent English, and this was a great night. Be warned, there is so much fantastic food. You will need to eat very lightly during the day to appreciate all the places Mr. Ha takes you. I saw Barak Obama on TV yesterday at one of Mr. Ha's favorite spots, Dun Bo Nam Bo. It is highly recommended.

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