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Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi Food Tasting Tours can be your guide to visit Hanoi streets by walking and to explore Vietnamese food culture by tasting the most delicious dishes in Hanoi.

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  • a traveler Melbourne

    Trip Advisor website

    We had a great night discovering Hanoi with Ha. He took us to not only amazing restaurants, but also to little side alleys with the most delicious food. Each tour, he coordinates it to the clients likes and dislikes, which was fantastic. You also get to see the real Hanoi, the streets, the way of life, and the vibe! I recommend it 100%. And, he even cooks for you!

  • Ethan

    Trip Advisor website

    This was an excellent food tour. Given the price and the title, I was expecting to maybe stop at a few food stalls on the street and sample the food there. Instead, our food tasting tour took us to about 10 different locations where we tried a number of different types of traditional Vietnamese cuisine ranging from food that can be found anywhere in Vietnam to food local to Hanoi.

    Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and told us a great deal about the history of different dishes, as well as popular ways to eat different kinds of foods. Though our tour stopped at around 21:30, our guide made it clear that he was certainly available to take us to more places if we were still hungry and wanted to explore more. All in all, it was an excellent cultural experience that I would recommend to anyone. This was great value for the price of the tour and it is a great way to spend a few hours familiarizing yourself with the Old Quarter and other nearby areas of Hanoi.

  • Brian

    Trip Advisor website

    Our tour was organized by the Elegance Ruby Hotel and Mr Ha was our guide. He is very knowledgeable, speaks excellent English, and this was a great night. Be warned, there is so much fantastic food. You will need to eat very lightly during the day to appreciate all the places Mr. Ha takes you. I saw Barak Obama on TV yesterday at one of Mr. Ha's favorite spots, Dun Bo Nam Bo. It is highly recommended.

  • Wesley Ireland

    Trip Advisor website

    We booked this tour from our hotel, Golden Sun Suites, 35 Hang Quat, and were initially looking at doing it in the morning, but the hotel suggested the evening instead. It was a great call. We were picked up on time at the lobby and from there, it was a non stop feast through the Old Quarter of Hanoi. We ate in restaurants, cafes, street stalls, and in what seemed to be the upstairs of someone's private house.

    The guide, Miss Nhung, ably assisted by Mr. Quan, were a joy providing us a constant stream of culinary and cultural information in excellent English. Special dietary requests were accommodated with the minimum of fuss. The food itself was a revelation and a constant stream of deliciousness. This was one of the best tours I have done in Vietnam.

  • Mike Australia

    Trip Advisor website

    We just love Vietnamese food. We cannot think of a better way to enjoy the local cuisine than with this local guide. Excellent food and excellent company. Everybody should do this tour at least once in their lifetime.

  • Helen

    Trip Advisor website

    I would recommend this tour at the start of your trip. So many different foods to try, all so tasty we could not fit another thing in. Ha, who is our tour guide, was very knowledgable and took us to interesting places, back alleys, and frequently stopped the busy scooter traffic so we could cross the road. The egg coffee is a stand out must try. Great initiation to Hanoi.

  • Simon New Zealand

    Trip Advisor website

    We did a private evening street food tour with Ha on our second night in Hanoi. What a great experience. Ha took us to 12 different street stalls around the Old Quarter where we tried a wide variety of local dishes. Ha explained each dish with great knowledge and passion. Ha navigated us with ease through alleys side streets around the old quarter and told many funny and interesting stories about the area. The tour was the perfect way to learn about the local food and also about the Old Quarter itself, which we felt very confident in our subsequent forays through the area in the following days. Ha followed up with an email listing all the dishes we tried. No way could you remember that many! Thoroughly recommend.

  • Robert Thailand

    Trip Advisor website

    My guide, Mr Ha, was excellent. It was very interesting and highly enjoyable. I did a lunch time tour through the streets of the old quarter and sampled excellent food from vendors and small restaurants. Loved the egg coffee. A must do in Hanoi.

  • Michael

    Trip Advisor website

    A friend of mine and I recently visited Hanoi for the first time. Being somewhat adventurous, we wanted to experience as much of the authentic, local food culture as possible. However, we really did not know where to start. With minimal grasp of the Vietnamese culture and no grasp of the language, it was difficult to determine which places were going to be good. So, we signed up for the street food tour, hoping that we could get some guidance.

    We had an absolute blast. We were taxied directly from our hotel to meet up with our small group. In our case, we were with all English speakers from different parts of the world (Ireland, Colombia, and the US). From there, we began our trek through the old quarter, sampling food at five different locations. We ate everywhere from restaurants to street stands, to the upstairs of what looked to be someone's home, almost all of which I would have never been bold enough to venture into on my own. The food was varied and delicious. We tried cha ca, spring rolls, shrimp cakes, savory sticky rice, bbq pork soup (the vietnamese name of which I can't remember), and egg coffee. All were excellent.

    The tour guides were wonderful. We toured with Nhung (Rose) and Quan, both extremely proficient in English, and well versed in the area and culture. They were personable, professional, and very friendly. Rose explained the history of some of the foods and also the history and lore of some of the locations we ate at, which was super interesting and a step beyond what we expected. The group in general had a great dynamic, certainly fueled in part by our guides, and we all had lots of fun.

    Afterwards, my friend and and one of the group members were interested in going to the night market and grabbing drinks, so we invited the tour group, as well. Quan volunteered to join us and it was great to have him at the market with us to haggle and explore. We ended the night with drinks at a local beer place and met some more locals. All tons of fun and still very professional. All in all, I would highly recommend this tour to any age group. If you like food and want to have an adventure, give this a try.

  • a traveler New York

    Trip Advisor website

    As this was my first time in Vietnam, I encountered a large problem. I wanted to eat all of the amazing street food, but did not know the correct dishes to order and what places were safe to eat at. The Hanoi Food Tasting Tour was the answer to my problem! Over the course of three hours, our two amazing tour guides, Nhung (Rose) and Quan, led our group of five through the winding maze of streets that comprise the old quarter, expertly guiding us on a culinary adventure! Among many dishes, we sampled Cha Ca (Hot pot fish), bahn mi, savory pork belly sticky rice, egg coffee, pho, and a variety of spring rolls.

    However, as equally as amazing as the food were our two guides, Nhung and Quan. They truly went above and beyond their tour guide duties to ensure we had a fantastic time. Our guides were warm, inviting, and incredibly knowledgable about both the cuisine and city. They were also sensitive to our group's needs and tailored the tour to our preferences. Moreover, after the tour ended, some of our group wanted to explore the night market and go out for drinks. Quan joined our excursion and helped us to navigate the night markets and effectively bargain for our gifts. In summary, not only did our Hanoi Food Tasting Tour give us a great introduction into the Hanoi street food scene, it also gave us two new friends and some awesome memories.

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