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Culinary Vacations (5)

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Reviews (1)

Nathan Blakely

from United States, September 2018

"Really great experience"

Things were simple and well organized. Very user friendly. I had myself and my twelve year old daughter. I was never left in any situation that seemed too ambiguous or confusing about what was happening next or where I should be. I liked that I had a physical copy of my itinerary that I could continually look back on and contact info for my tour guide. Opportunity to try many different foods if your adventuress. We ate Dog, Cat, Balute, Goat, and many different things while traveling just speak up and tell people you are interested in eating different things (more western foods too like cow and chicken are common). I really had a wonderful experience and felt very safe with my daughter. The landscapes in some of the areas (sapa valley) are amazing, and night market in Hanoi was good fun.

Testimonials (2)

A traveler

Halong Promotion Cruise Tours website

My daughter and I spent a week in Vietnam on a flawless tour by Halong Promotion Tours. We were met promptly at the airport with a driver and Ha, our tour guide. He made sure we knew exactly where we were going and what to expect and that evening walked us onto our train and to our cabin to Lao Cai. The next morning we were met at the train by Long and a driver who continued our tour and then to Sapa. He was informative and led us on a fantastic hike. Again, the Chau Long Sapa Hotel was beautiful, clean, and welcoming. We knew what to expect and where and when to meet. We had a full yet well paced trip with wonderful foods and great hotels.

We then had a great tour of Halong Bay on the Vspirit Cruise. Lovely ship, great guides, and amazing food and accommodations. In Hanoi, Dat made sure that we saw as much as possible, but paced the trip to continuously see sites while relaxing and learning. We loved every minute and felt comfortable with the expertise of all of our guides, ship, and hotel staffs. Excellent service from drivers as well. The Skylark Hotel was wonderful! I would use this company again!

Charmaine Armachuelo

Halong Promotion Tours website

“Hanoi City Tour”

I availed the city tour with no worries since the tour guide was so thoughtful, accommodating and truly equipped with Vietnam’s history. The whole day tour was quite tiring but worth the pay. I would like to go back in Hanoi someday.