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Over the past years, we helped thousands of women end struggles with eating, exercise & body image, make long-term lifestyle changes & lose weight healthfully.

  • Vermont, United States
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  • Review by Amelia A.

    "I am 20 and have been struggling with body image and food issues for the past few years. I got to the point where I was sick of this battle and wanted to feel free and alive again. I had a good feeling about Green Mountain but never imagined it to be as amazing as it was. There is not a staff member there who is not passionate about what they do. They all act as amazing mentors but more importantly, friends! I felt so comfortable while I was here. Comfortable with my body, comfortable with my eating, and overall just comfortable with who I am. It truly was a life changing experience for me. I never expected to form the incredible friendships that I made at Green Mountain. I feel so informed and so prepared for all the struggles that I may face. The most important thing about Green Mountain in my opinion though, is that I know never feel alone. I have a support system that truly cares. I would choose going to Green Mountain over the most glamorous or exotic vacation spot for the rest of my life! If you are reading this and decide to go to Green Mountain, please take advantage of all the amazing opportunities. You will not be disappointed with this place."

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  • Review by a traveler from New Jersey, USA

    "Empowerment is the belief that you have the ability to control the course of your life. Green Mountain gave me the encouragement and support to help me change my belief system. The "I can't lose weight" mentality was transformed into the mindset of "I have the knowledge and motivation to become a healthier individual." A weight truly has been lifted and it has nothing to do with the scale. I am forever grateful."

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  • Review by a traveller from New York

    "I had the great pleasure and good fortune to attend an extended weekend retreat Thursday through Sunday in mid-April 2015. The majority of guests stay on a weekly basis so I want to clarify the review that follows was not for a typical stay.Green Mountain at Fox Run is an all-female healthy-living retreat which for the past forty years has helped guide women towards informed healthy living with emphasis on the connection between one's own body and mind. The weekend retreat I attended was focused on the eye-opening science behind a non-diet approach to healthy weight loss and weight management.The accommodations are a very comfortable and immaculately clean three-star lodge. Original architectural drawings on display show how the resort was initially purpose-built as a ski lodge. The entire facility is housed in one building including offices for staff, accommodations for residents, dining facilities, gift shop and multiple exercise rooms. Swimming is available indoors at a partner facility a short walk away and outdoors during warmer months. Parking is available and close to the facility.Rooms are designed to house one, two, or three persons at a time and each room is en suite with its own bathroom. Rooms are located on two of the three floors. Rooms face either the looming Okemo Ski Mountain or the road and parking lot. Rooms furthest away from the living rooms and reception on the first floor (rooms in the 100s) are over the laundry facility and the exercise area and also close by the smoking area. If light sound and vibrations or second hand smoke will annoy you, request a room one floor up or closer to the main living spaces. Each room has either a table or a formal desk for laptop use and the wifi is speedy. The beds are very comfortable.If planning an extended stay be sure to fill out in advance the information packet you will receive and return regarding any particular food circumstances you may have. The dining facility accommodated my quirks (I dislike salmon) without a hiccup and provided me with a delicious baked chicken alternative. The only negative about the food set up is that access to coffee is available from early morning (about 7 am) until the dining room closes after dinner. If you, like me, are an early riser and need something sooner there is a highly recommended coffee shop open before dawn a short drive away. Staff will provide you with the details. Better yet, the option to borrow or to bring a coffee maker in the room would be a brilliant upgrade to the facility.The staff in every department, from greeting, to dining, to executives to programming and physical fitness training are world class. I do not want this to go unnoticed in this review so I will say it again. The staff at Green Mountain at Fox Run are at the cutting edge of their respective fields, are informative, readily accessible, genuinely love what they do (helping people) and mean every word they speak. It is this reason and none other that I believe the value for my money was exceptional.I hope to return in the near future for an extended stay. I highly recommend Green Mountain at Fox Run be on your short-list for consideration of a health and wellness retreat or if you are serious about weight loss. For me, this trip enriched how I will choose to live the rest of my life. Of that I have no doubt."

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  • Review by Ava from London, UK

    "This was the best investment I made. I went to the place after having tried every diet and every exercise plan in the world. I could stick with the programme for a bit but then I would get tired or bored and give up. I learnt so much about focusing on myself and being really mindful of what to do.Unfortunately, I don't always follow the things I learnt at the Green Mountain. I wish I had stayed there long enough for them to become a habit but I didn't. If you can, do the four week programme. The trainers and people who run the Green Mountain are compassionate and believe in what they are doing.The really care about the people and invest in them. This is an extremely supportive, informative and encouraging environment. I also met an amazing group of women at the Green Mountain. I promised to keep in touch with them but I didn't.I have randomly emailed some but I haven't heard back and that is all ok because when I was there, they were the best source of support system I could imagine. Obviously, everyone goes back to their lives and doesn't keep in touch. If you are thinking of going but are doubtful - I just have one thing to say to you - go!"

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  • Review by Katie from Mississippi, USA

    "I discovered Green Mountain at Fox Run after Google searching for "best weight loss retreats in the country" and after reading reviews on Trip Advisor, I was sold. I stayed for two months and it was the most incredible experience of my life. The staff, the lessons learned, the view, the was all amazing!I was never able to see the light at the end of my journey to a healthier me, but I was finally capable of feeling like I can do this! If you are ready to make a positive step toward a healthier lifestyle, Green Mountain is for you!"

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  • Review by Joanne from Connecticut, USA

    "After years of searching and trying what seems like everything to get a handle on the emotional eating that had plagued me most of my life, I found Green Mountain at Fox Run. The staff is incredible - knowledgeable, compassionate. Not boot camp!But challenging in that I had the perfect safe place to really explore what triggered my negative body image and eating to "escape" from uncomfortable feelings. The gorgeous Vermont countryside and mountains were also the ideal setting for renewal.Best of all, at GMFR I learned and put into practice a mindful, non-diet approach for eating and living. This is something I can and am living with for the rest of my life. I would recommend this to any woman who wants to learn how to eat, be well and be happy. What a concept. Thank you Green Mountain!"

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  • Review by a traveler from Virginia, USA

    "I discovered Green Mountain at Fox Run while searching online how to "End emotional eating". I had no idea I would find the answers I've been searching for my entire life.This is an educational institution with 43 years of history in teaching women emotional, physical & nutritional factors behind healthy and unhealthy behaviors. The staff is incredible and committed to helping you achieve your goals.I can honestly thank GM for permanently changing the path of my health for the better! After investing in myself for 1 month at Green Mountain, I feel stronger, lighter, clearer and most importantly empowered to sustain the changes."

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  • Review by a traveler from Massachussetts, USA

    "This is not a spa. Not a boot camp. Not biggest loser. It is a nurturing, supportive, evidence-based program that will help you understand why you have food/body issues and how to lovingly and realistically deal with them. It is the only place I feel NO anxiety or stress. It is a holistic approach and it works. Great staff, great food, beautiful setting in any season."

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  • Review by Lauren from New York, USA

    "Green Mountain at Fox Run is clean, comfortable and the food is delicious, but these aren't the reasons must go. You should go because the information you will learn and the people you will meet will change your life. You will learn how to make yourself a priority, how to take care of yourself, and how to create habits that will stay with you for a lifetime.Although the daily schedule of nutrition, fitness and behavior classes is packed, there is freedom in what you choose to do and when and how much you eat, but theres also enough structure to guide you in the right direction. Plus with a lot of one-on-one attention from the nutritionist, fitness instructors and other staff, you will come up with a plan that works for you. A trip GMFR is an investment in your future and one you can't afford to miss."

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