designs and provides themed and tailor-made tours and experiences in Greece, inspired by the country's history, mythology, and gastronomy.

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TripAdvisor planned our entire 2 week vacation to Greece and it was amazing,our children ages 12 and 9 were kept entertained and interested all the time!We did custom tours at major sites, including the Acropolis, Temple of Poseidon, Delphi, Olympia, Ancient Corinith, Epidarus. A big surprise hit was the food tour in Athens which was fascinating and delicious, the best way to learn about a new city. There is honestly not a thing about the trip that they planned for us that I would have wanted done differently!



You must do this tour. Athina is an incredible guide. In love with her country and with all the good foods that you can find in Crete. Absolutely no need to take a breakfast before. You will eat really well and with all the flavors. I was expecting a good experience and it was close to a dream!



Our guide, Athina, was an amazing foodies guide! Not only did she take us to those unique places promised by you, she also made sure we have no allergies, what kind of food we're interested in, etc. We visited small places in which only local ingredients are being used, such as spices, herbs and honey and got small and sweet gifts from those places.