The Gascony Cookery School offers practical, accessible, and enjoyable initiation into French cookery guided by two professional chefs of French cuisine.

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Instructors (3)

David Chance

Vikki Chance

Bernard Corbiere

Reviews (19)

Carmen Espanol

from United States, September 2019

"Hidden Gem"

David has a well planned itinerary that builds your skills to the dishes you will be preparing. He’s clear, demonstrates the technique to be learned and checks on everyone to be sure they are doing it correctly. He answers all questions as well. He’s a fantastic instructor and funny guy full of stories to entertain as well! I would encourage and recommend anyone who enjoys cooking or who loves eating out and wants to learn how to make those dishes at home to take a class. You won’t be sorry! I was also fortunate/lucky to have 6 eclectic and enthusiastic classmates! Bonus. :) We had fun together!

Howard Smith

from United Kingdom, June 2019

"Unreservedly recommended for experienced and beginners alike"

David is very caring of the individual and a gently fantastic host. He is an excellent and practical teacher..... this old dog learned a lot of new tricks in a surprisingly short space of time.

Annette Blackwell

from Canada, April 2019

"Wonderful experience"

Not only did the course instruction and beauty of the location go far beyond my expectations, but so did the social aspects of the trip. David is a charming host who made us feel welcome and meal times enjoyable.

Tricia Mack

from United Kingdom, August 2017

"Foodie heaven in the sun !"

Wonderful location ...quiet beautiful rural village...large, well appointed accommodation,, interesting programme which included cookery with outings to the market and local area..

And the ever flowing wine ..,always available..and the fun we all had !

Teresa Gandy

from Australia, October 2019

"Really hands on. Great experience "

David was very generous and patient

Nada Talevska

from United States, October 2019

"Don't miss this experience!"

With all of the charm of French countryside, a wonderful remote and undiscovered location. If you love to cook, don't miss this opportunity to learn techniques and dish up some pretty impressive food. The social aspect was a bonus - great comradery with wonderful people from around the globe. Many memorable moments including a game of boules at cocktail hour. Don't hesitate to do this class, you won't be disappointed!

Amanda Baker

from Australia, September 2019

"Constructive fun at it's best"

When you have spent 3 hours in the kitchen learning new skills but walk away wondering where the time went and a smile on your face despite feeling exhausted.... then you know you are having a great time.

The location is rustic and the accommodation fits the location and is appropriate. It is so wonderfully rural and quiet. The food you prepare and eat is authentic to the region and top quality. The people you share the experience with are the cherry on top.

Vicki Mansker

from United States, October 2018

"Gascony Cookery School is exceptional"

The level of skills taught surpassed my expectation. David was quite clear in his instructions, patient with students, and he was committed to each individual's success.

Luisa Conte

from Australia, October 2018

"Luisa C"

I did not know what to expect but was absolutely delighted and Thankful that I picked this school. Value for money not to mention the attention and professionalism David and his team give to you each and everyday was such an experience. This was more than just a cooking school it was a journey into french life each and everyday. I highly recommend this experience to anyone and I will definitely be back there for another course.

Wayne Irelan

from United States, October 2018

"Great cooking school experience"

David was a fine instructor. Directions clear, and followup very good. Learned good techniques for preparation of items that will be very useful for other dishes.

James Day

from United Kingdom, July 2018

"A Review of Excellence"

Lucky we had a real good group of students who mixed in very well so enhanced the cooking experience.

Anna Van Deventer

from South Africa, May 2018

"Beautiful little town in lovely surrounds, lots of cooking."

The course is well structured, everything needed is on hand. You debone your OWN chicken by yourself, fillet your own fish. No pairs or looking on. Very kind instructors.

Liesbeth Brown

from United States, June 2017

"Cooking in Gascony"

The hospitality and the friendliness knew no bound. Both David and Vikki are excellent hosts. David and Bernard taught me all a lot about cooking and have very high standard. It was very much hands-on. This was so much better that I expected. I had a most wonderful time and will definitely return.