French Escapade

California, United States

French Escapade provides authentic and unique vacations by offering an off-the-beaten path experience that includes history, nature, local art, folklore, and of course, gourmet cuisine.

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  • Rose M. Belgium

    French Escapade website

    I found the owners, Jackie and Valerie, two of the finest people I have met, especially as tour group owners. They are great to talk to, travel with, and just to be friends with. You as a traveler will be treated with great respect and as a family member. This is how I felt on the first day at the airport.Jackie is a great host, and driver. Her knowledge of each town, city, or country is almost unmatched. She makes sure her tours are exactly what she represents in each and every area. A great lady.All, and I do repeat, all of the people on my tour had already been on other tours with French Escapade. The friendships with each other and myself was as if we had all come here together, knowing one another, as old friends. Each of us ate and drank with enthusiasm, laughing, playing around, joking, and just having a great time as if in a large family.

  • Bonnie C. United States

    French Escapade website

    From the moment we connected at the airport, I felt myself relax. Jackie and Valerie attended to every detail of making the trip safe, educational, entertaining, and country-French authentic. Yet they did it with a kind of grace and that felt like each person's needs and tastes were important and respected.It was so refreshing to just surrender to the beauty of the place and to their special charms. We all wanted to live there forever, or, lacking that, take them both home with us. Dream on, dream on.

  • Susan W. United States

    French Escapade website

    We arrived back in Oakland late Tuesday night, and have been re-living every special and wonderful moment of our time in Provence. It was a magnificent experience, and it was because of the care and concern you poured into every detail of the trip.It was like a sumptuous meal with one very delicious dish after another. Thank you for being who you are and doing what you do. Neither of us will ever forget how we spent our 25th anniversary! I hope you are doing well, I know how hard you are working.

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