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Vancouver, Canada

Fine Vintage offers world-class wine courses and luxury tours in different locations around the world.

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  • Bruce Fox Australia

    Fine Vintage website, edited

    When I first met James and he told me he did wine tours, I thought it might be fun to go with someone who is as knowledgeable as he is. Then I signed up for Spain and he redefined “fun” for me; we tasted, we nosed, we swirled, we danced, we sang, and we ate; and along the way, somewhere between the fabulous hotels and the awe inspiring vineyards and the heady aromas in the cellars, we became compadres of the grape, students of the moment, and lovers of those things that happen when it's a carefree time in our lives. Take a tour with James - you will never be the same!

  • Kimberly Jurgilas Canada

    Fine Vintage website, edited

    A special thank you to the Fine Vintage team for putting together such an unforgettable experience in Bordeaux! To give this trip a 10 out of 10 would be a massive understatement as every aspect of the tour far exceeded my expectations. I was especially impressed with our host James Lawther as he has a wealth of knowledge of the Bordeaux region, which made the tour both entertaining and educational. My bucket list includes visiting every premium wine region of the world and I intend to do it with the Fine Vintage team - first class all the way!

  • Bill Holder Canada

    Fine Vintage website, edited

    I am delighted to recommend Fine Vintage wine tours. From start to finish, our 2012 Bordeaux trip was nothing short of excellent. James Cluer and James Lawther were entertaining and knowledgeable hosts making sure that all of the tour participants were well looked after. First class service, first class accommodations, first class dining, and most importantly, unparalleled access to some of the finest wines on the planet. Bravo!

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