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Rowena Lucas

from Great Britain, January 2018

"Fabulous Food in Fes"

We liked the generosity, commitment and enthusiasm of our host Lahcen. The quality of the food and the depth of his knowledge. The humour and good feeling generated by him and his staff. The attention to detail and his concern for our well being, His choice of guide for us around the Medina, his diligence in ensuring that we had a quality time.

Fes itself was funky and different and we enjoyed being shown the historic and the more modern areas. The tannery was fascinating, the Berber rugs were beautiful - even though we didn't buy one we were very pleased to be shown them at the women's co-operative and to learn about how they are made - fascinating - all those knots! he ceramics manufacture was really interesting, I felt honoured to be able to see all their careful work in action.

Overall it was a fabulous holiday and it was a real wrench to leave. I recommend Fes Cooking wholeheartedly. Thank you Lahcen!!!

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Raqib Sabur

BookCulinaryVacations website

The Program -

The program of 6 nights and 7 days included 3 cooking classes, a tour of the Fez Median, and 2 sight seeing. As we arrived, we requested changes to the program changing sites that we wanted to visit. The provider, Lahcen, agreed to modify the program without any hesitation to accommodate our needs. One of the locations were Chef Chaouen, which was much farther than the original location. He agreed to take us there and organised our stay in a really nice hotel without any extra cost.

In another occasion, we requested to visit to a significant site in Fez, which he also organised without hesitation. These two changes to program affected the original program of 3 cooking lessons. Even with these changes, Lahcen was always at hand to and did his best to complete the program. His kitchen staff were just excellent to work with. He paced the cooking lessons so we can best absorb the learning. He provided all the explanation and repeated in explaining as we needed further reminders. We cooked some very interesting dishes and those that we wanted. After cooking, the food was beautifully presented at the dinner table and we enjoyed it thoroughly. Lahcen’s knowledge of cooking sciences and spices, preparation and process were extremely good.

The sight seeing was organised extremely well. The first day, Lahcen organised a historian to talk us through Fez Medina, who was very knowledgeable. The trip to Chef Chaouen and Meknes were just wonderful. We enjoyed the ride, the stay and the tours. He also offered additional tours if we desired on our way Back from Fez to Rabat. I though the overall program was extremely well coordinated and gave us a truly memorable experience, one that we would like to take up again. We would recommend this program to anyone without hesitation.

The Provider - Fez Cooking -

Lahcen Beqqi was absolutely fantastic as a guide, as a company, and a chef. His English is excellent. His contacts in Fez, and Chef Chaouen were very helpful and had very good facilities that we enjoyed. Lahcen himself was extremely polite, very friendly, very enthusiastic. His co-workers were all equally wonderful people. Everyone of these people had been very helpful throughout the 7 days we stayed in Morocco. Lahcen helped us with our purchases, money exchanges, shipping and all other needs, whatever we desired to do. On our way back to Rabat, I wanted to buy some local music. As the music stores were closed because it was Friday, Lahcen gave me some of his best collections and bought 2 books that we wanted as gift. Those music are now some of my favorite music and prolongs my Moroccan experience. I must say that I am extremely happy with his service, his co-worker’s service and would recommend him to anyone wholeheartedly.

The Riadh - we stayed in the 7 days -

Wonderful place to stay with excellent service and excellent people. The only comment I would make is their breakfast was repetitive without any variation which was somewhat dulling to consume the whole 7 days. However, that said, on the wife’s birthday, they organise a really wonderful egg tazine dish for breakfast, which made our day. The staff, Yousuf, Amina, Fatima, Idris were all very helpful, polite and accommodative. Rooms were cleaned and sheets changed everyday. Laundry service was inclusive. Every night we had shisha at the rooftop terrace with tea, courtesy of the manager Ahmed. We enjoyed staying at the Riadh thoroughly. I would go back there again.

Overall Experience -

I have not experienced this level of service ever before. I have traveled much of the world over the last 10 years, in Europe, Americans, Asia Pacific. And I can say without doubt that this was for me one of the best I have ever experienced. I truly felt a vacuum as I left Morocco leaving behind being looked after so well and given the gift of a memorable experience.

I thank you and the provider for this heart warming experience and memory.


Fescooking website

Thanks for the great experience! Our all day cooking adventure in Fes was a fantastic way to close out our trip to Morocco!

Dianne Seattle

Fescooking website

From all your Seattle area fans - thanks for such an amazing trip! From Fes Cultural and Cooking days to the Sahara Camel Treking to the Atlas Mountains and the road to Marrakech, it was fabulous and so are you! I’m still learning to cook Morrocan and loving every bite!


Fescooking website

This was one of the best vacations ever – I have done nothing but rave to my friends! FesCooking arranged a wonderful trip for us. The FOOD was the best !!ayayay as Lahcen says, The guides were all knowledgeable, the accommodations were all great and we saw everything we wanted to see. We felt safe at all times and really felt that we got to “know” Morocco. It is a fascinating and beautiful place. We’d love to go back. And if we do, we would definitely use FesCooking again. The trip was totally magical!

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