An author, recipes creator, culinary presenter, and certified cooking instructor, chef / patron Sandy welcomes you to discover local gastronomy with her.

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Sandy Daswani

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from Germany, June 2020

"Try this class, you will be glad you did"

I was not sure at first if an online course could come close to the experience of being there with people, cooking with them and sharing the meal afterwards.

But it was a great experience and chef Sandy helped with that.

I cooked some of the meals the same time she did and I held my half-prepared food into the camera and she told me what she thought of it. While preparing we also chatted a bit about other things, so it was like being there with people. I would encourage everyone who is interested in the class, but hesitant about the online part to give it a go.

Some of the types of dishes we made, I have not encountered before. I'm glad to have learnt about them and I will make them in the future.

Watching chef Sandy you can see how much experience she has with what she is doing and how much she loves cooking and sharing her knowledge