10 Days Experience It Tours Cooking Holiday in Morocco

  • Casablanca - Rabat - Fes - Marrakech - Essaouira

10 Days Experience It Tours Cooking Holiday in Morocco

  • Casablanca - Rabat - Fes - Marrakech - Essaouira

Culinary Tours in Morocco

Start your culinary journey in Casablanca, where you can visit one of the largest mosque in the world, Hassan II. Explore the exotic markets and learn to cook and prepare Moroccan dishes with the locals. You will visit a local hammam, the medina, Berber pharmacy, the tanneries and potters outside the king's palace. You will have the long drive along the Atlas Mountains on your way to Marrakech. You will also experience the life of a Berber for one day and learn to cook in Marrakech!


  • 2 market visits
  • 4 cooking classes
  • Excursions to Volubilis and Meknes
  • Enjoy a day in the life of the Berber
  • 9 breakfasts, 9 dinners, 2 lunches
  • 9 nights accommodation
  • Hammam visit
  • 4 days with instruction
  • Arabic, French, English
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You will be spending two nights in Hotel Novotel Casablanca City Center, Casablanca, three nights in Riad Jaouhara or Riad Myra, Fez, three nights in Riad Moucharabiah, Marrakech, and one night in Riad Mimouna, Essasouira.

Day 1 - Casablanca - Arrival, free time

  • Upon arriving at the Mohammed V International Airport (CMN), you will meet your driver once you exit the baggage claim area.
  • Depending on your arrival time, you may have a chance to explore some of Casablanca, Morocco's largest city.
  • You may choose to have an optional tour of the Hassan II Mosque, one of the largest mosques in the world, or you can take a walk along the Corniche (ocean front boulevard), or maybe walk through the large Arab League Park.
  • You will get your first taste of some of the flavors of Morocco as you eat dinner out at a local restaurant, before retiring to your hotel for the night.
  • Overnight in Hotel Novotel.

Day 2 - Rabat, Fes - Excursions, cooking class

  • After breakfast, you will begin your journey to Fes via Rabat, the capital city and current residence of the King.
  • Upon arriving in Rabat, you will have a chance to visit some of the historical sites such as La Tour Hassan (was going to boast the largest minaret in the world, but was never completed), Kasbah Oudayas (old fortress near the ocean), Mausoleum of Mohammed V, and the outside of the King's Palace.
  • After lunch, you will continue on to Fes.
  • Upon arrival in Fes, you may set your bags down in your riad and head off to your first cooking lesson.
  • Your senses will be awakened as you walk down through the small streets and alleys in the old city of Fes lined with spices, herbs, and fresh fruits and vegetables. *You will have the opportunity to prepare some of Morocco's finest foods, seasoned with fresh herbs and spices.
  • You will get to eat your meal for dinner.
  • Overnight in Riad Jaouhara or Riad Myra.

Day 3 - Fes - Excursions

  • After breakfast, you will meet your guide to begin your guided visit to the Fes medina, one of the oldest and largest car free cities in the world.
  • You will explore the narrow streets lined with shops selling everything from coffee and spices to Berber carpets and lanterns.
  • Keep your ears open for the men calling out balak, which means get out of the way and it is a good idea to get to the side of the road to let donkeys or carts pass by carrying goods to and from the shops and homes in the old city.
  • Some of the tour highlights will be getting to see the tanneries, potters and outside of the King's palace.
  • A visit to a Berber pharmacy may also have you taking some of the natural perfumes and fragrances home with you, like the fragrant amber.
  • You may choose to have lunch along the way, in a traditional restaurant in the heart of the old city.
  • You will return to your riad at the end of the tour and may enjoy your evening meal in the riad.
  • Overnight in Riad Jaouhara or Riad Myra.

Day 4 - Fes - Market visit, cooking class, free time

  • After breakfast, you will get to have your second cooking experience in Fes.
  • Your cooking class will fill up most of your day.
  • You may begin with a visit to the local market to buy the ingredients you will need for your meal.
  • After purchasing what you will need, your chef will take you back to the house/riad, where you will begin to learn the art of Fes cooking with a hands-on class.
  • After your meal is cooked, you will be able to enjoy what you have made for lunch.
  • With the remaining part of your afternoon you may wish to go to a local hammam (bathhouse) to unwind and relax. Many of the hammams will provide massages or other spa services for a small fee.
  • Dinner may be taken in one of the local restaurants in the medina or if you are feeling tired of Moroccan food, you may wish to visit the new city for an Italian, Asian or Western meal.
  • Overnight in Riad Jaouhara or Riad Myra.

Day 5 - Marrakech - Excursions, free time

  • Early in the morning, you will depart for the famous pink city of Marrakech. The long, but beautiful drive will take you into the Middle Atlas Mountains and along the base of the High Atlas Mountains.
  • You will pass through such towns as Ifrane (known for its European style houses and most prestigious university in Morocco), Azrou (known for its weekly souk), and the Cedar Forest (keep your eyes open when driving through the forest to catch a glimpse of the Barbary Apes that like to hang out in the trees)
  • Upon arrival in Marrakech, you may check into your riad and then, depending on how tired you are, you may choose to take a walk down to the famous Djemaa el-Fnaa Square. This square and a center attraction of Marrakech comes alive at night with story tellers, musicians, snake charmers, and mouth-watering barbecue stands. It is well worth a visit.
  • Some of the cafes near the square provide wonderful rooftop views over the square where you can people watch while sipping a cup of mint tea.
  • You will return to your riad for dinner.
  • Overnight in Riad Moucharabieh.

Day 6 - Marrakech - Excursions, market visit

  • After breakfast, you will meet up with your guide for a guided visit of Marrkech. You will have the opportunity to see such places as the Saadian Tombs, Palace of Bahia, towering Koutoubia Mosque, a landmark for the city, and the square again.
  • After lunch, you will get to walk among the shaded paths of the picturesque Majorelle Gardens before finishing the tour with a visit to the souk (market).
  • You may have dinner in the famous Djemaa el-Fnaa square or at a local restaurant.
  • Overnight in Riad Moucharabieh.

Day 7 - Marrakech - Berber cooking experience

  • After breakfast served in your riad, you will head out of Marrakech for a 1 hour 30 minute drive to a small Berber village, where you will learn to cook as the Berbers do.
  • You will have the opportunity to draw water from the well, learn to bake bread in a traditional clay oven, cook a tagine over a charcoal and wood fire, and take part in a tea making competition all the while getting to talk with and learn about Berber life from your hosts.
  • In the evening, you will return to Marrakech to sleep.
  • Dinner will be served in the riad.
  • Overnight in Riad Moucharabieh.

Day 8 - Essaouira - Excursion, cooking class

  • After breakfast, you will head to the coastal city of Essaouira.
  • This laid back city famous for its wood carvings and kite surfing has been gaining popularity with locals and tourists alike.
  • With several stunning beaches nearby Essaouira, this is a great place to unwind and relax.
  • After lunch, you will have the opportunity to take part in your fourth and final cooking lesson.
  • You will learn yet again how to make a delicious Moroccan meal which you will be able to enjoy.
  • Overnight in Riad Mimouna.

Day 9 - Casablanca - Excursion

  • After breakfast, you will begin the trip back up north to Casablanca.
  • You may drive up along the beautiful coastal road. You could choose to have lunch in Oualidia, known for its calm bay and bird watching.
  • In the afternoon, before reaching Casablanca, you could stop off in the Portuguese built city of El Jadida. This city is famous for its underground cistern which has been used in movies such as Othello.
  • You will conclude the long day in Casablanca, where you will spend your final night.
  • Dinner will be taken in Ricks Cafe, created after the movie, Casablanca, which surprisingly was not filmed in Morocco.
  • Overnight in Hotel Novotel.

Day 10 - Casablanca - Departure

  • Today, you will be taken to the airport for your flight.

This tour will take place in Morocco, visiting Fes, Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakech, and Essaouira.

Moroccan cuisine

The flavorful cooking of Morocco enjoys a tradition of cuisine rich in spices. Women in the royal cities of Morocco have made cooking an art and a center of social and community life. Moroccans will be quick to point out that the food found in homes is much better than that available in restaurants. Hosting here also far outshines many parts of the world. A meal would often start with a vast array of delicious dipping salads, from eggplant to green pepper to tomato and onion based salads.

This is accompanied by a mouth-watering tagine, a stew type dish characterized by meat, chicken or fish covered by any number of vegetables, sitting in a flavorful spicy sauce. This is eaten by dipping bread, and the visitor will find this an absolutely delightful culinary experience. Then, just as you are feeling thoroughly stuffed, Moroccans like to display their hospitality and surprise you with another full meal, just as irresistible as the first. The meal ends with a selection of fresh fruit, to pass it down.

With constant encouragements to keep eating, that are considered polite in this culture, the guest is guaranteed to leave without needing a meal for another week. In addition to tagine, some other traditional meals include couscous and basteeya. Couscous is steamed semolina grains, traditionally covered with seven vegetables (often onions, pumpkin, zucchini, turnips, chili peppers, carrots and tomatoes) and, once again, a yummy sauce. This is traditionally served on Fridays and usually eaten either with spoons or hands.

Basteeya is a triple layer sweet and savoury pastry, with shredded chicken, eggs, lemony onion sauce, and sweetened almonds enclosed in tissue-thin pastry, and sprinkled with a layer of sugar and cinnamon. This type of main meal is often served at lunch (around 14:00 or 14:30). A nice meal for dinner (anywhere from 20:00 to midnight) is the traditional soup harira. This tomato-based soup is filled with chickpeas and lentils, but it is the incredible blend of herbs and spices that make it so addictive. Harira is also the traditional soup to break the fast each day during the Muslim month of Ramadan. This is often accompanied by other Moroccan treats such as malawi , harsha, bissara, and dates to name a few. Moroccan mint tea is another sweet treat to enjoy as you sample all the great tastes offered in front of you.

  • 9 nights accommodation
  • Cooking classes
  • Excursions
  • Meals as per the itinerary

Arrival by airplane

Book your flight to arrive at Mohammed V International Airport (CMN).

  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid 45 days before arrival.


  • Review by Carlos Molina

    "Overall, we had a great experience in Morocco! All the riads chosen were excellent and great service plus the driver was amazing, helping and explaining with things only locals would know. The only issue we had was in Marrakech at Riad Chergui. Owned by a French national, she was not as warm as the managers/owners of the other riads we stayed at. The trip was amazing including the stay at the tent in the Sahara Desert. We did not encounter any problems and the driver was very professional and attentive. We would recommend this trip to anyone."

    TrustPilot website, edited

  • Review by Carla

    "Experience It Tours exceeded our expectations. All the staff were superb in helping us organize our Moroccan tour. They all answered our emails immediately answering all our questions and helping decide itinerary and accommodation. all their suggestions were of real help. Drivers, guides, riads, meals were excellent. Everything was well planned. Vouchers were sent to us, but were not needed. Driver was there to meet us at the airport, hotels were ready for our arrival, city guides were always willing to show all the places we wanted to see. Ahmed, our driver, was punctual, polite and very nice to talk to, and specially drove very safely. We are extremely happy to have booked our tour with Experience It Tours."

    TrustPilot website, edited

  • Review by C. Most

    "Our trip to Morroco was fabulous. Experience it Tours planned the trip. They gave us the most wonderful driver, Majid Barakas, who never left our sides. He made sure, along with our tour guide, Haj Mohammed, that we saw everything that was important, and that we really enjoyed his country."

    TrustPilot website, edited

  • Review by Ramona And Rick Engelmann

    "Our Morocco trip was wonderful, really liked the Riads, much better trip than we expected. Our driver Driss who was with us 12 days was the key. Reliable, punctual and knowledgeable and professional. Food was excellent. We highly recommend Experience it! They paid attention to details, and everything went smoothly."

    Trust Pilot website, edited

  • Review by Ron Waterman

    "Everything occurred as planned over a two week period. Unique lodgings were great! The driver was great and exceeded expectations. A really great trip!"

    "Our Driver, Wahid, was really great! We made a new friend!"

    Trust Pilot website, edited

  • Review by Magdalena Beneitez

    "We had an amazing trip to Morocco. We appreciate the organization and professionalism of the staff in the US and the local guide. Except for one hotel, the ones suggested were beautiful and to our expectations. I highly recommend Experience It Tours."

    Trust Pilot website, edited

  • Review by Colin and Cristina

    "Chefchouen was wonderful. Too hard to choose our most favorite highlight. Namir, our driver, was as good as he could get. He was an excellent driver, caring and knowledgeable; he made our trip to Morocco the marvelous experience it was. Riad Myra must be the most beautiful place we have ever stayed. We enjoyed the more modern approach in Marrakesh at Riad Chergui. Otherwise, everything was great, including the Berber tent (we loved that experience!). The two Kasbahs were interesting; we enjoyed the Berber decorating touches. Thank you for introducing us to such a beautiful diverse country."

    Experience It tours website, edited

  • Review by Matthew from United States

    "I travelled with Experience It Tours for my 11-day Morocco tour in October and it was a great experience. Everything was well-organized and went off without a hitch. It was probably one of the most trouble-free trips I have taken in awhile. My driver was great, very accommodating and helpful, and all the guides were friendly and professional - I felt safe at all times. It was a really great time and I highly recommend Experience It Tours for anyone considering travel to Morocco."

    Trip Advisor website, edited

  • Review by a traveller from New Zealand

    "I found Experience It Tours for our trip to Morocco on the net and also saw reviews about them on this site. After a lot of reassuring correspondence with the tour company we decided to go for it and are very glad we did.We decided to join Morocco on to a holiday in Spain and Portugal as New Zealand is so far from the rest of the world we have to make the trip away worth the time in planes!My traveling companions were, my husband, 2 friends from Canada and our 29 yr old daughter who lives in London. Experience It are a USA company but one of the directors lives in Fes so they have a good idea of what to suggest we could comfortably fit into our 9 days and 8 nights.We decided to do the tour titled "Step Into The Magnificent" tour. All correspondence from the company was very professional and also had tons of information about what to expect, culture and customs and tips for travel.On arrival we were met with our driver, we already knew his name, Hamide Zerheri and over our stay he proved himself to be a great guide, driver (the roads can be a challenge) friend and companion.He was punctual each day to pick us up and gave lots of help in suggesting what we might do. We traveled in a very comfortable 6 seater van which gave us all a window seat and we rotated who sat in the front with Hamide.The tour started in Casablanca, a large industrial city where we only stayed one night but enjoyed seeing the sights and went Day 2 to Fes via Mekenes and Volubilis. Day 3 Fes. Day 4 Erfoud. Day 5 Sahara desert. Day 6 Boumalne Dades. Day 7 & 8 Marrachech.Then Day 9 and drive to Casablanca to join our flight to NZ. We all thoughly enjoyed every aspect of the trip. There were some challenges but Hamide helped smooth out any problems for us.We all got some form of upset tummies so I would advise you to come prepared with medication from a travel Doctor but this in no way detracted from the fabulous sights, sounds and food.We went with the 4 star Riad option for the trip which suited us and gave us lovely havens to retire to in the evenings after days of travel. There is always more to see in any country you visit but I think we got a good insight for the time we had."

    Trip Advisor website, edited

  • Review by Jane

    "I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful trip Robert and I had in Morocco (18 April 1 May). Everything about the tour was fabulous and special mention must be made about our lovely driver Mohamed el Hassani who made it a seamless trip and really took care of us.It is a fascinating country. The choice of riads was excellent and the food and restaurants we were taken to were also terrific. We have come back rather exhausted as we head back to work but luckily the wonderful photos Robert took and the video I filmed will always allow us to travel back there in our memories."

    Experience It Tours website, edited

  • Review by Barbara

    "I cannot begin to thank you and Experience It Tours for an amazing adventure to Morocco. This country has been on my bucket list for a number of years and it was everything I imagined and much, much more. I believe we picked a perfect time of the year to be in Morocco as I am not sure even as a Floridian that I would have liked summer heat there.Our driver Jamal was delightful, knowledgeable, courteous, and saw to our every want and need. His love of his country was infectious and we were able to learn so much about the Muslim beliefs and customs from him. What a generous caring people we found Muslims to be. I saw in action their belief of helping those less fortunate on many, many occasions during our journey.The Riad Kalaa the first night in Rabat was amazing and their food outstanding as well. Jamal also took us to Chella Gardens and site which was so nice at the end of the day to not only see this site but the ruins dating back to the Phoenicians and of course the many beautiful Wood Storks. The location of the Riad also allowed us to wonder a bit in the Medina before our dinner.I have visited Italy many times and know Roman ruins but Volubilis was such a treat and an easy site to visualize the whole community as it must have been in the 3rd century. Our guide there was also a wealth of information and so enjoyable.The food in Morocco was all so over the top tasty. I thought Florida had great oranges but they do not hold a candle to the Moroccan oranges we had. The use of spices was a treat as well. Orange slices with cinnamon will be a new favorite at my dinner table. Tangines were gastronomic marvel.One we had a lovely home in Fez (Restaurant Dar Hatim) that Jamal recommended. It was lamb and artichokes and was scrumptious. The Moroccans are inventive with their salad starters including, lentils, carrots, olives, eggplant, fava beans, and one night a tomato jelly. Thank you again and I will make sure to recommend your company as often as possible."

    Experience It Tours website, edited

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US-based tour company specializing in Moroccan cultural tours and Moroccan cooking tours.

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