Exeter Cookery School

Exeter, United Kingdom

Cook in France is a relaxed, friendly hands-on cooking family business, that seeks to promote courses and activities intimately involved with guests.

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  • Arlene and Simon United Kingdom

    Cook in France website

    For months we have looked forward with great anticipation to a week cooking at Bombel: it was all we hoped it would be! The dishes we learned were excellent eating, yet very do-able cooking. In a short amount of time we learned a great spread of techniques everything from pasta, pastry, bread and ice cream making to flambing, caramelizing, poaching, blanching, filleting and confiting, as well as how to achieve good, strong and inventive flavors and cook lamb, duck, fish and seafood to perfection. On top, we had a lovely relaxing holiday with time left to enjoy some of the local scenery, markets and sights. Hats off to Jim, Lucy and Jenny, who could not have been more hospitable. We wish you all the best for the future at Bombel. We, our friends and family will be enjoying the fruits of your labour for many years to come!".

  • Sheila Campbell France

    Cook in France website

    The cookery was absolutely superb. We learned so much: the exploding mouth-watering tastes, the cutting, rolling, squeezing methods; the searing heat and the leaping flames. Each and every experience was one of pure joy and fascination. Cookery is an art and a delightful pleasure to continue to enjoy in our daily living. You have put the fun back into cooking, changing the mundane daily dish into something quite differing with a little more care. Thank you both so much.

  • Gwen Crawford US

    Cook in France website

    Cook in France was my first cooking school experience and I found that it quite whetted my appetite for the activity. The Fisher family are young and dynamic and obviously love what they are doing and where they are doing it. An intense amount of thought and ingenuity has gone into both the physical and curricular aspects of the school, making every aspect of the Cook in France experience a pleasure for the student.

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