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One Week Yoga and Cooking in Morocco

  • Medina - Atlas Mountain

Escape to Shape to Morroco

Join Escape to Shape on an exclusive and magical journey to Marrakech, Morocco. Experience the vast wonders of this exotic city; a combination of luxurious accommodations, yoga & exercise, rich Arabic traditions, chaotic marketplaces, hidden treasures of the Medina the ancient walled city, and breathtaking natural beauty - from the desert to the mountains. Along with the cultural and natural wonders, guests will enjoy relaxing massages, belly dancing lessons and other cultural surprises.

<strong>Moroccan cooking holiday</strong>

Guests will savor the culinary delights that Morocco has become famous for, while learning to make some of these recipes at home, with a healthy Escape to Shape twist. Learn healthy adaptations of traditional Moroccan delights such as couscous, tagine and other classics. We use only local, natural, unprocessed, chemical free food in order to ensure that you fuel your body with the very best. We provide meals that are flavorful, high in nutrients and fiber, while low in fat and calories. The meal plan consists of whole grains, fresh fish, organic chicken, fruits, vegetables, nuts as well as traditional Moroccan and Mediterranean dishes and desserts, all prepared the Escape to Shape way - flavorful yet low fat and low calorie. Traditional green tea with fresh mint is served with every meal, and coffee is available as well. Every dish can be prepared vegetarian as well, upon request.

<strong>Vinyasa yoga holiday in Morroco</strong>

Vinyasa yoga is a fluid, powerful practice, linking breath to movement through a balanced series of postures or asana. All levels are welcome and encouraged to participate in the daily Vinyasa classes, taught by select qualified instructors from around the world. Each instructor brings their own style to the yoga mat, reflected through the pace, sequencing and music of the classes they teach. At Escape to Shape we ask you to leave the inner critic behind and enjoy the internal and external challenges of Vinyasa yoga, to have fun, play & move. Your instructor is Kari Zabel.

<strong>Sunset hike and sculpt</strong>

Enjoy the experience of discovering the natural beauty of the desert and the majestic grandeur of the Atlas Mountains while burning calories along the way. Muscle burns more calories at rest than fat, so while on your Moroccan holiday it's important to tone the body through simple, fun and effective sculpting techniques. This fast paced and fun sculpting class, oftentimes combined with sunset power walks, will leave you not only tighter, but with effective exercises that you can take with you anywhere. Your Pilates instructor is Sarah Purcell.


  • 7 nights luxury accommodation
  • 2 cooking classes, 1 picnic
  • 6 yoga sessions
  • 2 hiking and toning trips
  • 3 dance classes
  • 7 breakfasts, 6 lunches, 6 dinners
  • 6 days with instruction
  • English
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  • Review by Erica Gragg

    "Wow. I think I lived a lifetime this past week in Havana, Cuba! I'm not going to sugar coat it and tell you it was easy, it's a country of complications, a country that tests your patience, reminds you never to take the simple luxuries of life back at home for granted & forces you to surrender. And yet, as I fly to Marrakech I'm flooded with visuals and memories that all bring a smile to my face, make me giggle or nostalgic. I depart richer, eyes wide open, and with a heart full of appreciation for all the many moments, that when strung together, made this week truly magical. Cuba, the best is yet to come for you & your beautiful, preserved museum of an island. Thank you for providing us the opportunity to explore, to appreciate, to salsa dance, to laugh, to learn, to engage, to give back, to ponder, to wonder and to consume many mojitos! An extra special thanks to all those that entrusted Escape To Shape with this adventure. It was made all the more magical by the presence of each one of you. And to the Cuban people who helped make this dream Escape a reality, particularly, Felipe, our historical guide and my "fixer" Cristian Abel Ortiz Suarez. Muchas gracias until we meet again!"

    Escape to Shape Facebook, edited

  • Review by Heidi Rigney

    "Best trips ever. Cartagena. Yeah!! Fitness fun."

    Escape to Shape Facebook page, edited

  • "I took a leap of faith on a good friend's recommendation and joined the Escape to Shape experience in Morocco. I had some idea what to expect but I actually had no idea. Erica and Francesco have developed a winning formula of relaxation, cultural feast, mind body connection and personal journey. I met people I would have never expected to meet, I found strength in myself and I most of all I had so much fun. The Rose Sultan property is beautiful and we were very well taken care of. The classes were adapted to fit all fitness and yoga levels and no one is ever left feeling as though they are not up to par. And, if you opt out and just lounge, that is ok too.Our cultural excursions were amazing and I felt as though I came away from each one knowing more about the area than an average tourist. I now understand why so many of my fellow travelers have followed this "team" around the world. I had to break the news to my husband that I am now a convert and I will be jumping on the ETS Express at some point again. My life long dream of visiting Morocco was realized in the most amazing way."

    Trip Advisor website, edited

  • Review by traveler

    "There is always a first time for everything and I found that Escape to Shape was a good reason to break the tradition. I just came back from Kyoto and I cannot stop thinking about Escape to Shape. I have been with Escape to Shape in 4 different locations: Cambodia, Vietnam, Cartagena de Indias and Kyoto. So, I think that at this stage I have enough knowledge to release an accurate and objective opinion about Escape to Shape. Here it is.First, Escape to Shape is wonderful because it does offer exotic locations in a way that nobody does. In this sense, Escape to Shape is unique and innovative. It has comparative advantage because of their flexibility in changing locations.Second, Erica and Francesco (the business owners) take great care of you during the trip, but at the same time they share with you their secrets with the purpose of making you completely independent. There is a transfer of travel knowledge going on.Third, Erica and Francesco have great taste. Not surprising as Francesco is Italian and Erica is a leading lady who managed to make a business out of her travel passion. Their seal equals quality. I apply the blind faith principle when travelling with them because I know that I am not going to be disappointed.Last but not least, Erica and Francesco are the soul of the business and they are really good company: good conversation mixed with kindness. They both are really attractive persons to spend time with. If you have the time and money, go for it. Its so easy, just pay and go. You will not regret it!"

    April 2014. Escape to Shape website, edited

  • Review by traveler

    "I have been on 4 trips with Escape to Shape and look forward to a new location every year. I wasnt originally keen on organized travel, but Erica, Francesco and the great folks at Escape to Shape proved me wrong. They organize the perfect trip for someone that doesnt have time to plan the perfect getaway, and wants to stay in luxurious accommodations, yet actually, get out and learn about the culture of a place. They find all the things you wish you could do, but probably wouldnt have the time to plan or even find, for that matter.The experiences are unforgettable. The food is amazing, healthy, and local. The instructors are top notch and the people you meet are always interesting. I cant say enough positive things about these trips. Id really recommend them to anyone Ive been to Marrakech and Cartagena in 2008, Bali in 2011, and Cambodia in 2012. They really go out of their way to meet every need of you, whatever they may be. Go Escape."

    July 2012. Escape to Shape website, edited

  • Review by traveler

    "The trips hosted by Escape to Shape are an amazing way to enjoy your time off. The trips are the perfect mix of high quality service, outstanding food, exotic locations, physical activity, spiritual well-being and cultural activities. In a nutshell, if you are looking for time to spend by yourself, with a friend or spouse, Escape to Shape has something for everyone. I have been on 2 trips with them and they were both magical, in their own unique ways. The rooms are spacious, clean and surrounded by nature. The food is outstanding - healthy, fresh, and ethnic. The locations are exotic, safe, and stimulating. The service is attentive, warm, and caring.The yoga is exceptional - with wonderful teachers from around the world, who are all incredibly inspiring. The cultural activities are wonderful - unique to the location, adventurous and memorable. Most importantly, the trip feels like a home away from home. The hosts and guests of Escape to Shape are warm, inviting and sharing. You leave the trips with new experiences, new friends, and a renewed sense of well-being. I highly recommend them."

    September 2009. Escape to Shape website, edited