Enjoy! Udaipur welcomes you for cultural and culinary experience and memorable time together at the award-winning Hari's cooking class at Enjoy! Udaipur.

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Hari Harinder

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aubreykoren Kassirer

from Canada, January 2019

Hari was so attentive to every detail of our trip. They were so welcoming and hospitable. The food was incredible and everything was well organized. I would recommend to anyone.

Testimonials (5)

Charlotte M

TripAdvisor website

Amazing evening with a very warm and welcoming family.

This was the highlight in Udaipur, The food as incredible and Hari is a very good teacher, we learned a lot about the different spices and flavours. The whole time everyone was happy and joking around, everyone came together to prepare an amazing meal which we all enjoyed together. Her family was very warm an welcoming and it was just a wonderful evening! I would definitely recommend anyone passing through Udaipur to check this class out!

Valerie Ann Canada

TripAdvisor website

Just about the best meal I had while traveling in India!

Lovely family atmosphere. Even though our class was about a year ago, I remember it vividly and happily. You can assist with the cooking as much or as little as you like; and, prior to going to the class you can give Hari input on what you'd like to try. She is very knowledgable about spices and explains the food prep very well. The food was flavourful and plentiful. There was no rushing to get it done. Hari's son even went out and got us some cold beer to enjoy with our meal. Give yourself a little extra time to get there. It's a little tricky. We laughed and had good fun. I have no hesitation in saying you will enjoy Enjoy!

Tim D

TripAdvisor website

Great group activity in Udaipur

Hari's cooking class is a lot of fun and the dishes you are preparing are mouthwatering - good news is, you can eat them as well!

Helen W T Australia

TripAdvisor website

Highlight of our stay in Updaipur

Spent a very enjoyable evening at Hari’s home, learning a lot about Indian cooking and tasting the delicious food we produced. Hari and her family gave us a warm welcome and we enjoyed the conversation as well as preparing and eating dinner. Overall a fantastic experience, not to be missed when visiting Udaipur. Thanks Hari!

Cara A

TripAdvisor website

Amazing Cooking class

Being welcomed into Hari's home to learn how to make Indian food was amazing. Her cooking class was intensive, I learned lots, ate lots and had lots of fun!. I would recommend to anyone coming to India to make some time to do this class.