Cucina della Terra

Umbria, Italy

Cucina della Terra is one of the premier cooking schools in Italy where you get to participate in hands-on cooking classes in a state-of-the-art “cucina”.

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  • Traveler United States

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    It is so much more than a cooking school! It was an all inclusive trip, everything was taken care of!! Sightseeing, transportation, lodgings, and nourishment were all provided. It was a well organized week; hats off to Chefs Gerri and Jack. Highly recommend the experience.

  • Traveler

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    A visit to the Cucina della Terra is a visit to the culinary delights and culture of Umbria and Tuscany! Chefs Gerri and Jack expertly guided our preparation of incredibly delicious Italian dishes: home made pasta and ragu sauces, wood grilled meats, sauted fish, risotto, frittatas and roasts which we feasted on at a beautiful table along with wonderful wine. Chefs Gerri and Jack shared their expertise with patience and sensitivity, accommodating our energy levels, cooking fears and food preferences -- even developing a separate menu for the vegetarian among us! That was our evenings! During our mornings, Jack or Gerri would accompany us to the area's beautiful Hill Towns -- where we saw the piazzas and churches, met local artists and artisans, sipped cappuccino and shopped, shopped, shopped for ceramics, linens and leathers. Our afternoons provided us a respite at the pool of the beautiful Roometorium where Rita served us a delightful breakfast. All in all, this visit was a treasure - I brought home wonderful memories, a packet full of delicious recipes to make for my friends and family and significantly improved cooking skills. Well done Chefs, well done!

  • Traveler United States

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    Have been to Italy five times, but this experience was spent amongst the people of Umbria. The Cucina della Terra run by experienced Chefs Gerri and Jack was unique unto itself. We were driven by van to surrounding Umbrian/Tuscany towns and given a full tour throughout the day. Than picked up again and driven to the home of the chefs and taught wonderful recipes of the region made with all the local products. We then sat at an exquisite table setting and feasted on what we created, and of course, the proper, paired wine. This was an all inclusive expense including lodging at a Agri Tourismo which was another wonderful feature. Highly recommend this Italian vacation.

  • Kimber and Chick the USA

    Cucina della Terra website

    We are home in NY and missing our days in Italy every moment! We know you have a little more than one week remaining before you return to the U.S. We hope you make the most of your time in that very special place. We now understand why it means so much to you. We came home with over 2,000 photos and managed to parse them down to about 1,300. We then further selected approximately 300 for a manageable slide show presentation to expose friends and family to (and hope they dont succumb to boredom). Here is one of our favorite photos with you from our week at Cucina della Terra!We must tell you that since our return we have had the opportunity to continue practicing our cooking and baking skills. We have already duplicated several of the recipes we learned with you. We had our friends/neighbors over and prepared bruschette, wild boar salami with pecorino cheese, and black olives. This was followed by wild boar ragu over fresh papparadelle accompanied by sauted chard. For dessert we made biscotti and olive oil cake along with vanilla gelato (of course)! Last night we had clams (with sundried tomatoes and black olives) over haddock prepared like the branzino. Tonight we enjoyed roasted beets, sauted greens of beets, along with chicken and Herbs de Provence served with a wonderful salad of Boston lettuce, walnuts, goat cheese, diced beets, and a balsamic dressing. Weve always had fun in the kitchen but things are even more spectacular since attending your extraordinary school, Cucina della Terra!We cannot adequately thank you for a most amazing and unforgettable experience. We keep talking about he many special opportunities we were afforded and the many up close and personal tours we were privileged to experience. Romitorio was perfect and Rita was a wonderful hostess. Fabio was a safe, kind, and always punctual driver. Each tour gave us something meaningful and we came away having gained significant knowledge about so much. Your attention to detail was always apparent and we are very appreciative of what the immersion course gave us. Please do not ever overlook the reality that you two really do make the course what it is. Some unknown persons could attempt to duplicate your idea and/or itinerary however without your distinct personalities and the terrific dynamic between you, it would simply be an imitation. Your successful recipe has everything to do with your ingredients! Without you, it would be like forgetting the olive oil, serving cheddar instead of pecorino, drinking Carlo Rossi instead of Nobile di Montepulciano, or just skipping the gelato! The point is, you are Cucina della Terra and you have found a recipe for success! We are fortunate to have been your students and even more fortunate to consider you friends! Our time in Italy was grand and we are grateful for having spent part of it with you.

  • Anne K. United States

    Cucina della Terra website

    My entire experience with Cucina was truly wonderful. This was not my first trip to Italy, but if it had been I would have been lucky. Gerris traveling itinerary combined with the cooking time was incredible. We were driven to small hill towns and cities usually in the morning after breakfast to either sightsee, shop or attend a cheese making facility or winery that would include tours, etc. and lunch. Then that evening we would cook incredible meals and all eat together. I didnt want to return home. I gained terrific memories along with much more honed cooking skills and new recipes. My family is enjoying those.

  • Wanda and Anthony

    Cucina della Terra website

    We had an outstanding experience during our week at Cucina aella Terra. The program was the centerpiece of our Italy vacation, following our time in Venice and Florence, and preceding Rome. It was the perfect combination of cultural immersion (touring several architecturally beautiful cities in Tuscany and Umbria; exploring the olive harvest, wine and cheese making, and truffle hunting) and learning new cooking skills, techniques and recipes. Chefs Gerri and Jack were most generous, sharing not only their exquisite cooking kitchen with us, but also their time, experience, love of cooking, fine wines, and knowledge of and love for Italy with us. Every meal we ate was excellent, rich in flavor, varied in content, pushing us beyond what we knew and with which we were comfortable, to new culinary heights. It was the experience of a lifetime.

  • Marilyn United States

    Cucina della Terra website

    I just wanted to thank you and Jack for everything you two did to make Rebecca and me comfortable. We had an absolutely fabulous time; we both learned a lot of new techniques and had fun. I must admit I was a bit intimidated at first when I realized that the majority of the class was trained pastry chefs but everyone was so nice to us and so anxious to help us that I was able to relax and enjoy the experience. Again, thanks so much. I hope by the time you fly home on Sunday things are back to normal at the New York airports.

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