Convivio Rome offers Italian cookery holidays in Toffia, Sabina, near Rome and Umbria for those passionate about authentic Italian food and wine.

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6 Days Italian Culinary Vacation Lazio, Italy

Available from April till October
    from US$1,251
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    Testimonials (2)

    Karyn Massachusetts

    Convivio Rome TripAdvisor page

    My friend and I booked this trip after we arrived in Rome as a last minute, we happened to make a free day to try to get into a cooking class. We reached out and were able to book on our one free day! It was great to take the train outside of the city for the day, get a quick tour of the countryside and go to Sally and Guido's home for an amazing day that we will never forget. The view alone was spectacular. The class was informative, laid back, fun and the final products were delicious! I took a zillion photos, videos and ate so much. I am definitely not a great cook and Guido was very patient in showing me how to do every step. How many people can say that they made home made pasta in Italy?!? Well I have photos/videos to prove it. Highly recommended.

    a traveler Pennsylvania

    Convivio Rome TripAdvisor page

    My husband and I took the one day class, (He did so somewhat reluctantly, although he's a good sport about trying things). We were not disappointed and both of us felt that was a day trip to remember. The tours of the medieval villages were very personal as Sally and Guido live not far from them. There were three of us in the class and all were able to participate fully. After lunch we all spent time at the table talking about meals made by our ancestors as well as WWII and how it impacted the area. If we return to Rome, we would absolutely take another class.