Contiki is a coach tour company which offers holidays in Europe, Russia, Egypt, Australia, New Zealand, North America, South America, and Asia.

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My contiki experience was not quite what I was so much better! I would have never been able to experience 8 different european countries in 15 days by myself. For me, the best part was being able to experience all this with other people my age. I'm really glad contiki has the age range limitations. Because of it, our contiki family was super close and got along great! We all hung out, stayed out, maybe got a little too drunk, and definitely had too much fun. The trip is very fast paced, lots to see in 15 days. The accommodations were fine, not 5 star, but not shit holes either. You're rarely even at the hotels/hostels anyway.. The coach is really nice. You do spend a lot of time on the coach driving from destination to destination. You'll learn to appreciate the time you have on the coach because it means you can catch up on SLEEP! I didn't mind the coach days. Even if you can't sleep on the coach there are lots of other people on the coach with you to keep you entertained during the drive. Plenty of charging stations on the coach, and they offer a limited amount of free WiFi. You can opt to purchase additional WiFi if you want. I wouldn't recommend it though because every accommodation we stayed at offered free WiFi. The food was fine, but I'm not a foodie so I'm not the best person to comment about food. You will meet tons of cool people from all over the world (this is my favorite part). I learned heaps about Australia from some mates on the trip.. Probably headed to Australia next! I'm not sure how contiki does it but the itinerary is spot on! You get to see all the biggest tourist attractions, have just enough time to yourself, keep your belly happy, your social media updated, and then off you go to the next destination. The timing and how everything fell into place was perfect! Amazing how they make that happen. Lastly I want to mention our Trip Driver Darius and our Trip Manager Britt. Driving in Europe is so different from the USA. I really don't know how Darius switches from driving on the left side in the U.K. straight to driving on the right side once we got off the ferry in France. From the crazy lane-less roundabouts to the narrow streets in Italy somehow Darius got us safely through 8 different countries without so much of even putting a scratch on the Coach. Props to Darius! He definitely earned my trust! Our Trip Manager Britt was honestly what made my trip what it was. Not only was she also in the same age range, she was super knowledgeable. From culture questions, to transportation frustrations- Britt seemed to have all the answers. In addition she didn't just send us on our way at each destination. She actually hung out with our contiki crew the whole time. She attended all the dinners, came to the bar with us, she even drank with us! You could tell this wasn't a job to Britt: it was a passion. Would I recommend a contiki trip: ABSOLUTELY! I have no regrets at all about booking this trip. Great Job, Contiki!

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