Château de la Mazure

Forcé, France

Château de la Mazure, located in the heart of France, offers programs that successfully combine language, cuisine, lifestyle, and excursions!

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  • Byi Yong Thailand

    Château de la Mazure website

    It was an experience to live in the comfort of a grand château. Surprisingly, it was not intimidating. It felt like being welcomed by a French family. The lunch and dinner were excellent, with good exposure and good French cuisine.

  • Claire United States

    Château de la Mazure website

    The château is comfortable, lovely, and an excellent setting for learning. The food was great!

  • Gemma United Kingdom

    Château de la Mazure website

    My goal was to improve my comprehension and speaking skills. There were several opportunities to practice and enhance these skills. Several learning tips were shared to assist in the continual development of these skills. Plus, some additional benefits, such as meeting French friends and visiting other "grands châteaux."

  • Cindy United States

    Château de la Mazure website

    The mix of classroom learning and excursions outside the château was just right, although demanding. The structure was very beneficial for improving comprehension and speaking. I liked having a mix of people to work with and to converse with! Très bien!

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