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For more than 30 years, Charming Asia Tours has been organizing travel tours and providing their customers with excellent luxury travel experiences.

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  • Eva Lombardi

    Charming Asia Tours website

    It was magical, spiritual, and enchanting! I did not want to come home. Charming Asia Tours was a big help in preparing the trip for me and answering my questions. My husband wishes we would have done our holiday only in Tibet, but I enjoyed getting to see Beijing. The country has so much art, history, and culture! The group we were with was fabulous.

  • Corrine O.

    Charming Asia Tours website

    Now I have seen the Taj Mahal! This tour was an important experience in my life. India is a place of stark contrast. Sometimes, it was a bit too emotional, but I would recommend this tour nevertheless. It has so much beauty. Charming Asia Tours runs a smooth trip. They really made a chaotic place like India doable for me. I would go back, but next time it will be Japan!

  • Judy Cash

    Charming Asia Tours website

    I just came back from Malaysia for my honeymoon and it was wonderful. We added 2 more nights to our tour and added Bali, as well. My husband and I absolutely loved this trip. I brought back some goodies for my family. The hotels, guides, and service were just wonderful.

  • a traveler

    Charming Asia Tours Facebook

    I had the best holiday ever, thanks to Charming Asia Tours! I would highly recommend them.

  • Rachel CA

    Yelp website

    I booked the 9 days glimpse of China tour with them and I must say I was impressed! I stayed in amazing hotels. The guide service was excellent and the transitions from hotel to airport and vice versa, were smooth. At first, I was unsure to book a trip to China, but they were very helpful with all the questions I had. They made me feel like they were specially designing the trip for me and I just was not some other client. I have gained beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. Thanks so much Charming Asia! You have gained a repeated customer!

  • Mariam

    Charming Asia Tours Facebook

    For the latest deals to Asia, I highly recommend you searching Charming Asia Tours!

  • a traveler California

    Trip Advisor website

    This year, in February, I took a Japan tour with Charming Asia Tours. I went for 8 days to Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Koyosan, and Himeji. I had such a blast and it was so much fun. The tour guide was awesome. I loved Japan. It was so clean and everyone was so friendly. The hotels we stayed in were great. I was in a budget, so some of them were supposedly 3-star hotels, but seemed more like 4 or 5-star hotels to me. I got to take the bullet train from Kyoto to Himeji and I loved it. In Kyoto, I tried on a Kimono and since I am a big girl, I did not fit. However, the Japanese women were so nice that they made it work. So, I wore 2 and still looked great. I also took a fun Japanese calligraphy class in my tour, along with a sushi making class. I experienced a tea ceremony and meditated for 2 minutes with a Buddhist Monk. In Koyosan, I was able to experience an early morning Buddhist ritual that was amazing to watch. We got to visit many temples, especially the Tori one in Kyoto, where Memoirs from a Geisha was filmed. I got on the subway in Osaka and loved it. I went to so many restaurants, had unlimited amounts of sushi, and even went to a theatre and tried on several of their acting masks. I had such a blast and the customer service in Charming Asia Tours traveling agency was fabulous. I emailed them through their website and told them what I was interested and what was my budget. They made it work for me. I love Japan!

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