Casara Way

Cadiz, Spain

Casara Way offers experiences of personal growth, healthy living, and spiritual exercises in a lovely accommodation by the beach in southern Spain.

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Sara Prada

Akshi Yogashala Yoga Alliance USA (Yin Yoga)

Sara grew up in Zahora, Cadiz, and left Spain at the age of 20 to study a career in business management, advertising, and marketing. Sara has lived and worked in many places around the world, where she discovered the benefits of yoga. In 2014, she moved back to Zahora to fulfill her dream of opening a wellness retreat center. Sara started practicing yoga in Bali in 2012, where she saw the benefits of Hatha yoga and the restorative qualities of Yin yoga and now holds a teacher’s training certificate from Akshi Yogashala, a Yoga Alliance USA-certified course.

João Gomes

João was born and raised in Portugal but started discovering the world at a very young age. He has practiced many sports, but it was 10 years ago when he started surfing in Angola that he found his true passion. While travelling in India, he was introduced to the practice of yoga and realized that surf and yoga are practices that complement each other. At Casara Way, he helps promoting the development of the body and soul in deeply meditative practices that provide infinite benefits.


Anwella is a meditation teacher from the Australian Yoga Academy in Melbourne, a nutrition health coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York, and a Spanish cuisine certified expert from Le Cordon Bleu who has a true passion for food. She practices a selection of meditation and stress management techniques, modalities that show how to use the mind more effectively, escape the shackles of anxiety and stress, and to function with more ease and confidence. With her teachings, she wants to reduce the current epidemic of depression and anxiety disorders and assist others.

Helena Chalverus

Helena Chalverus comes from an artistic background, as a dancer and choreographer with a diploma from Colorado College, USA. The foundation of her yoga practice is Iyengar style where she received her teacher training certificate in the year 2000 in New Mexico, USA. She has studied and received many levels of formacion in Kundalini, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga as well. She has spent over 15 years teaching classes, with ample experience giving retreats in Spain and the United States and Latin America. Her classes usually include aspects of all of the above practices, adapted to the needs of those

Sophia Sport

Sophia is a yoga teacher and a professional systemical therapist working with individuals, families, couples, children and young people. She started her career in Munich, where she worked as a family therapist for nine years. She then progressed to Yoga teachings and since 2012 she has been teaching yoga around the world. In 2015 Sophia moved to Spain to realize her dream of living by the ocean and combining her yoga and therapist experience in her holistic approach to work and life. Sophia’s experience gives her the knowledge and experience to help you to find your very personal way.

Reviews 4

  • Jennifer Hutton Belgium

    October 2017, BookCulinaryVacations

    Loved everything about this retreat.

    For me it was the perfect short escape from the hurly burly of city life.

    The entire programme of events was perfectly timed so there was no need to rush from one activity to another. And when weather scuppered timetable, no effort was spared to reschedule events to everyone's satisfaction.

    Loved the concept organic home grown food was incorporated into the menu when possible.

    The entire team was super friendly and welcoming. And basically, couldn't do enough to help.

    First rate team, location, horses etc etc

    Apartment was very well equipped and stocked with plenty of bottled water and selection of tea bags, in addition to drinks being available in the main house.

    I cant say there was anything I disliked about the holiday.

    If honest, I missed having desserts in the evening, but I certainly felt really energised for having such a healthy and fresh diet throughout the retreat.

    The only negative comment being the bathroom towels were a bit worn, but elsewhere in the apartment, including bed linen, was all perfectly fine.

  • Elisabeth Wetke Hallgren Great Britain

    October 2017, BookCulinaryVacations

    The Finca, great beach and surroundings, horsback riding, vegan food was nicely prepared, accommodation, perfect time of year, nice and very friendly host and staf, sight seeing.

    Lightning in the surrounding areas were missing, it was very dark allover, no bath products, towels and no changing of towels. The yoga room was to small for 11 people. Expected yoga at least in the late afternoon as well. We did not get any food the first day. If check-in is at 15:00 i expected dinner form 1st day when booking is all-inclusive. Often lack of information or misunderstandings. Expected the horses were at the Finca which was some kind of a disappointment, so we were driven to the stables far away.

  • Clunie Phipps Great Britain

    October 2017, BookCulinaryVacations

    Wonderful health boosting and stimulating experience

    For the horse riding the kind of ride/speed of horse should have been more carefully matched to the rider!s experience.

  • Hilary Ellis Great Britain

    October 2017, BookCulinaryVacations

    Friendliness and caring attitude of the team. Delicious food. Beauty of Zahara beach and surrounding countryside. Peace and tranquility. Very high standards of yoga, meditation and breathing teaching. Cleanliness and design of the cottages.

    Didn't expect detox to be so difficult - and all guests gave feedback that we needed bigger quantity of food after day 1.

    Testimonials 27

    • Tiago G. Portugal

      TripAdvisor webpage

      If you love yoga, good food, and friendly people, Casara way is the place for you. I cannot wait for my next visit...I'll be back very soon. Wait for me :)

    • Stefany Lebanon

      TripAdvisor webpage

      I stayed there for a YOGA, NUTRITION & COOKING CLASSES retreat birthday getaway. The accommodations were clean and comfortable. My husband and I appreciated - and participated in - optional activities cycling, hiking, including yoga each morning. The main house had a special comfort - it was also where we met for group activities. We had fun helping to prepare and enjoy meals together. We learned about foods and innovative preparations. We had an epic hike among other delights. We delved into the Breña National Park and the wetlands of Barbate to take a hiking route arriving at Los Caños de Meca, coursing through the Park containing Pine forests, watchtowers and cliffs over 100m in height from where we can observe the historic Faro de Trafalgar surrounded by sea and sand. In this stretch of coast you find one of the last still functioning fishing weirs from roman times. Ana, Sara and Gomes provided a safe, peaceful, and inspired environment. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay there.

    • Danielle Germany

      Casara Way website

      My friend and I were interested in trying yoga in a peaceful, green place by the beach to get away from the fast life. We searched on the internet and found Casara Way. After our first day, we fell in love with the entire place and we changed our plans to stay there for one more week, making two weeks in total. To be completely honest, one week is not enough to fully enjoy this place. The yoga classes with Carol were mazing, I enjoyed very much the morning Ashtanga yoga class, as well as the afternoon Yin yoga class felt great; It helped my body a lot. The people are very friendly and interesting, we felt at home from the day one. We were blessed to have discovered Casara Way. I highly recommend staying here, since you are constantly surrounded by life and love. Thank you and congratulations on such a relaxing, peaceful environment.

    • Faye France

      Casara Way website

      It is hard to put into words how thankful I am that I decided to stay at Casara Way for a six day retreat program. It has been a tonic for the hectic city life I am used to back at home. Urban living keeps us immobile each day. This sedentary lifestyle leads to various health problems and I was looking for a healthy break from the city. I have learned so much from the Yoga in the Beautiful Settings of Zahora Beach Retreat, and from all the wonderful people who live here, such as Sara, Josh, Carol, and Gomes. I will miss seeing the beautiful Zahora beach everyday. It is rare to find a place teeming with so much life. The daily walks felt great, gave me energy, and increased my metabolism. This retreat made me fall in love with Zahora and I hope to be back next year. Thank you Sara for your hospitality, you have been very helpful and it was a pleasure to get to know you. The yoga teacher is also very passionate about what she does and I am very thankful for everything they have thought me. I will remember this retreat forever.

    • Paul England

      Casara Way website

      I did not know what to except before my arrival to Casara. I wanted to find a peaceful place to relax, take a break from my busy life back in London, and learn more about meditation. What I found here was incredible helpful, since i met wonderful people in a picturesque place, practicing two yoga classes per day and one mediation session per day. Anwella taught me so much in such a short visit and helped me through meditation, which was great. She opened my eyes to meditation and the philosophy behind it is fascinating to learn! I practice yoga regularly and in here, I managed to go deeply in my practice, as well as I felt and saw my improvement in only six days. I can say that I left now with both my mind and body fully relaxed. It is now my challenge to bring this clam into my every day life. I will miss you so much, I loved our time sitting around the kitchen area relaxing and talking with everyone, with the sound of the birds singing around us. I will particularly miss your delicious organic food.

      I wanted to write you this email to thank everyone who made my experience at Casara Way so amazing! I wish you all well and I hope to return next year.

    • Andreas Germany

      Casara Way website

      We stayed five nights at Sara's house in the calm village of Los Canos de Meca. If you are looking for a quiet homebase to discover the coastline, you are absolutelly right there. As the pictures show, the beach is just about two minutes away by foot. The retreat's pictures, as well as the detailed pre-information, led us to the well-equipped and clean house. We had a wonderful and relaxing time! Sara, thank you very much for the opportunity to stay at your nice place.

    • Sira Germany

      Casara Way website

      We enjoyed our stay a lot! The house is amazing and is perfect to relax, as well as it is close to the beach. It is located in a nice and quiet area, and has everything you need.

    • Bruna Guterres Panama

      Casara Way Facebook page

      This place was exactly what I needed. It was homey and comforting, and had amazing food and activities. There were eight people total. Everyone present was uniquely talented and brought an amazing family vibe to the week. I highly recommend the hike, we went to the Natural Park near by. I'm stoked to come back again during harvest season. Carol and Sara were an amazing hostess and provided above and beyond service, really an incredible woman with a serving heart. I stayed here in February 2017 and plan to return in the fall.

    • Elisabeth Coello Fontao Spain

      Casara Way Facebook page

      After spending all day everyday at my desk, I had to get away. The Yoga and Adventure retreat is the perfect place to recharge, balance and re-evaluate my work / life balance. The benefits of the course have lasted months, I am healthier and feel years younger after cleansing and learning how to be good to my body.

    • Miguel G. Ferreira Brazil

      TripAdvisor webpage

      Feeling refreshed and revitalised after an amazing 6 days at the Yoga, Nutrition & Cooking retreat. For us it was about resetting ourselves after the excesses of Xmas but we came away with so much more. The information and demos on cooking and juicing were so interesting. The food was amazing and we felt there was plenty to do but no pressure to turn up for anything, if you didn't want to.. You have inspired us to be better. Thank you!!!!

    • David France

      TripAdvisor webpage

      We had an amazing time at the Yoga retreat in the beautiful settings of Zahora Beach. We left feeling like new! We highly recommend CASARA WAY. The surroundings are stunning, the activities are varied and fun and it's invigorating to be in the great outdoors. Since coming home we're thoroughly inspired to keep up the good work and look forward to returning to the retreat soon.

    • Patricia Teles Italy

      Casara Way Facebook page

      A beautiful slice of heaven. Incredible attention to detail created by a wonderful team of individuals. Amazing food and congratulation to the chef! Wonderful place to escape to with or without a group.I feel blessed that I found such warmth

    • Sara Morales Germany

      Casara Way Facebook page

      I will never forget my week long vacation at CASARA WAY. I rode horses every day and was right in the middle of the most beautiful wildlife,nature,beaches.I loved my room. Almost as much as I liked the riding on the beach was the cooking. It was incredible and so good for you. I have never felt so healthy as when I left there after 6 days of riding and their fresh and delicious food there. I can come back again.

    • Javier P.B. Phillipines

      Casara Way Facebook page

      Where to start? From our first email to the end of our stay, they treated us like VIPs every step of the way. Communication was fast and easy, their accommodations are beautiful, the surfing and yoga were amazing, and we left feeling energized and refreshed. CANNOT WAIT TO GO BACK

    • Juan Miguez England

      Casara Way Facebook page

      I probably had the best week of my life. I took part in the adventure and yoga retreat, and had an amazing time in every activity. The combination of physical activities and yoga was phenomenal, and at the end of the week, I felt really energized. CASARA WAY is a magical place. The retreat had its own optional schedule with activities at the center and trips to nearby villages. Twice daily yoga was challenging but rewarding and the food was wonderful.

    • Tugba Koknel Turkey

      Casara Way Facebook page

      "I visited CASARAWAY in December 2016 for a weekend yoga retreat. I went by myself and was a little nervous about it as I had never done anything like that before. I needn't have been. The team were wonderful and very welcoming. I felt relaxed and at ease immediately. Gomes showed me to the little house I was staying in. It was really cute surrounded by mediterranean garden. The best part was the view from my bedroom, it was amazing to relax in at night and look at the stars. Every morning I was up early for an early yoga class. It was very nice outside doing yoga looking at the trees and hearing the animals. Very peaceful. Afterwards we had a nice breakfast and we went hiking. We went up to La Breña Natural Park which has great views at the top of the hill. "

      "I was quite stressed out with work and personal issues before going on this retreat and it was exactly what I needed. A few days away from the city in the peace and quiet to relax. I felt amazing after the session."

      "I then did some deep breathing and meditation which was also amazing. The weekend away really gave me time to relax and think about things. Gomez, Sara, Carol and Josh were all lovely to talk to and very helpful. We talked about many of my problems and they gave some great advice and helped me a lot! I cannot recommend this place enough! Five stars! You absolutely have to go and visit. I've been back twice since and I now feel like that is my happy place! Anytime I'm feeling stressed out or in need of a break its where I will definitely go again and again.

    • Shmuel Rafael

      Casara Way Facebook page

      It is the perfect location to chill out in an amazing natural environment just minutes away from an awesome beachfront that offers privacy and relaxation to high standards. Hosts are kind people who really care about their clients offering top service. Nice deco too, a 10 plus for me.

    • a traveler Spain

      TripAdvisor webpage

      This is definitely my favorite destination in the south of Spain. Realistic rates and value for money. A real chance for a genuine retreat experience with like minded souls. Don't miss this accommodation!

    • Mena Smolders Netherlands

      Casara Way Facebook page

      This is definitely my favorite yoga retreat. Fab team of teachers and staff.Great sunny location. Realistic rates and value for money par excellence. A real chance for a genuine retreat experience with like minded souls.

    • Ana Spain

      Casara Way Facebook page

      Perfect for a chilled out, active break. I loved the food, company and activities! Magic location by the beach. They are a fun team!

    • Rocio Gomez Spain

      Casara Way Facebook page

      I absolutely loved the Yoga & Horseback Riding retreat. I came with a bad stomach and low energy. I left with a good stomach and full of energy. This was better than I expected. I will definitely come back!

    • Sue Campbell England

      Casara Way Facebook page

      Casara Zahora is probably the nicest place we have ever stayed during several years of visiting Spain. It is small, quiet, a stone's throw from the beach and has pretty gardens and parking. We stayed in Casara Uno for a week and found the booking process easy. Sara kindly sent us extra information about the beaches and restaurants and we were met by Marie France, who was extremely friendly. Casara Uno is reasonably well equipped with the basics, clean and has a nice big bathroom with a powerful shower and plenty of hot water. As we were there at the end of the season not all the restaurants were open, but we had perfectly nice meals at Hostal Los Pinos (the supermarket opposite is well stocked), at the top of the road that leads down to Casara Zahora and at Venta Curro, which is in the village before you reach the main road. Hostal Las Acacias on the main road served a nice lunch but it was more expensive than some of the nicer places in Vejer de la Frontera - and had none of the ambience! Vejer, which is about 12 ks away, is a stunning place, especially at night when the old town is lit up and full of atmosphere and charm. There are lots of restaurants to choose from and we enjoyed meals at Casa Varo, Trafalgar and Asador La Brasa de Sancho. The Califa Express café was also good. You can easily make day trips to Cadiz, Jerez and Medina Sidonia and then return to the peace and tranquillity of Casara Zahora. Highly recommended.

    • Guillermo California

      TripAdvisor webpage

      Casara is the kind of place you will immediately fall in love with.

      The property was even better than the photos suggest.

      The house is super clean, comfortable and inviting. The location it's also perfect! there is a private path from the house that communicates with Zahora Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Cadiz. It's a little paradise in itself

      Both Sara and Marie were also the perfect hosts. They were very attentive, they recommended us activities and the best places around the area and they even surprised us with a gift box filled with products from the area upon our arrival.

      Highly recommended

    • a traveler

      TripAdvisor webpage

      Nice little house located in between the amazing landscape.

      You can reach the beautiful beach by taking a short walk (only about 50 m) through the private way. The beach is never crowded and you can enjoy spectacular sunsets all alone or at one of the beach bars nearby.

      The house is comfortable and clean an Sara is a good host.

      Conil and Vejer are beautiful small towns with nice bars and shops and only 10 km´s away.

      We enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and beautiful nature.

    • Susana Etreros

      Casara Way Facebook page

      Unas vacaciones perfectas, la casa decorada al detalle con mucho gusto, limpieza, tranqulidad, la playa a un paso, la playa junto al faro de trafalgar espectacular, sin edificios, chiringuitos a pie de playa, unas vacaciones increibles y mis perros felices, este año repetimos.

    • May Serrano

      Casara Way Facebook page

      Hemos estado 2 semanas EN LA GLORIA!!! La casa está genial y el emplazamiento no puede ser mejor: al lado del mar... Tranquilidad total. Quiero volver ya.

    • Michael S.

      TripAdvisor webpage

      Ganz hervorragende Lage direkt am Meer. Bestens eingerichtete Unterkunft. Sehr freundliche und zuvorkommende Vermietung. Uneingeschränkt zu empfehlen.

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