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Brisbane, Australia

Carolinasusi Italia Tours offers a truly Italian travel experience. With fully escorted and all-inclusive small group tours, discover the real Italian culture and enjoy spectacular regional cuisine.

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  • Ingrid Australia

    Carolinasusi Italia Tours website

    The trip was a gastronomic, historical, and visual delight; nothing I have done comes close in comparison. Every day I thought: can it get better than this? Each day I was surprised and delighted by yet more surprises, interesting, fun, and happy days.

  • Maxine Australia

    Carolinasusi Italia Tours website

    I would like to tell you how much I enjoyed this trip from start to finish. All the time and effort you both put into researching and planning made for a wonderful holiday experiencing the 'real' Italy. I'll be back!

  • Rosemary Australia

    Carolinasusi Italia Tours website

    In a word or two, our trip was fantastic, beyond our expectations. From the pick up to the drop off at the airport, all went seamlessly and was a wonderful experience. Thank you for a wonderful tour and the start of a love affair with Italy!

  • Andrew Australia

    Carolinasusi Italia Tours website

    Carolinasusi Italia Tours are Italy travel specialists. They pour time and energy into ensuring their tours are personalized and they offer bespoke adventures for their guests. They offer a great range of tours that offer travelers something different from the big travel companies, highly recommended!

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