Camp Biche

Lauzerte, France

Camp Biche offers luxury fitness holidays that will revitalize your life and the way you live it.

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from US$7,216
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    It was very difficult for me to summarize my amazing experience in Camp Biche this summer in just a few words. Basically, I loved everything about it: first, the hosts; they made me really feel like home and Christina was an amazing host and chef.Then the House; an amazing 800 year old mansion where luxury and comfort were the watchwords!!! And then comes the real discovery for me: the vegan food. Wow, what a wonderful world of flavors and savors, and guess what? I didnt have a single piece of meat ever since. I am becoming a vegan protagonist.But to be fair, what Camp Biche gave me this summer was beyond these tangible and somehow obvious experiences. Camp Biche brought me back to peace. Peace with my body and peace with my soul.I realized that it was the first time in my life that I could experience such a connection with myself the trekkings, the exhausting training hours, the massages, the food it was like a Hide and Seek game I was playing every day with myself, experiencing new sensations, new feelings, and testing my limits.At the end of our stay, we were all proud of ourselves. Not only for the few inches and pounds we all lost (and probably put back ever since) but because we all understood that this amazing machine weve been given, the body we are carrying and mistreating so often with our stressed and unhealthy lifestyles, is a real gem.And the more we love it, the more it gives it back to us I love and appreciate my body for everything it does for me has truely become a motto for me. And I will always be thankful to all of you for this.

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