California Culinary Retreats

California Culinary Retreats is an all-inclusive weekend cooking retreat company based in Southern California.

Instructors 2

Jill Chessé

Both California natives, Carol and Jill met when Jill enrolled in cooking school, where Carol was her advanced culinary arts instructor. Luckily for both women, a special chemistry grew. Jill was enthusiastic about Carol's extensive knowledge and natural facility for teaching and delighted in the food they produced together. Carol saw in Jill an infectious positive energy and love of life. She feels Jill is not only an amazing cook; she is always open to new ideas, tastes and adventures. Together they mold their talents to create very special cooking weekends for lucky guests in California.

Carol Cotner Thompson

Carol has been creating exquisite cuisine for over 30 years and teaching for 27. She studied in San Francisco at the prestigious California Culinary Academy with degrees in both professional cooking and pastry.

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