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Our blessing; a restorative experience by which you walk away from being the person who exists only in relationship to others, and walk toward your true essence

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Carole Tetreault

Carole has dedicated herself to serving others through energetic healing and has over 15 years of experience. Carole's personal journey of self-healing has brought her to a place to be able to offer her knowledge and experiences through the many courses offered at the Calder House. Carole is certified as a Usui Reiki master, in hot stone massage, relaxation massage, Indian head massage, Ayurveda Marma Chikitsa, aromatherapy, reflexology, and integrated energy therapy.

Purnima Chaudhari

Purnima is passionate about sharing the teachings around Ayurveda cooking for this has always been her way of life, healing the body from the inside out. As a certified Ayurveda therapist and reflexologist, Purnima will be cooking authentic Ayurvedic meals. She received training and certification in Ayurveda therapy at Kerala Ayurvedic Health Care in Trivandrum, India. She has continued to expand her knowledge of Ayurveda under the guidance of world-renowned Ayurvedic practitioner Dr. (Vaidya) Mishra.

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Sam S. Canada

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I could not have stayed in a better place before spending 13 hours shooting a wedding on Saturday. I arrived stressed Friday evening, over thinking the incredibly busy day I was about to have on Saturday and the moment I walked into the door, all I could feel was beautiful, positive energy and a calm presence by two of the best hosts ever!

As if the atmosphere was not enough to make me want to move in, my friend and I enjoyed the most amazing traditional pancakes for breakfast, made with locally grown, organic, Manitoba ingredients. I left there ready to take on the day.

Thanks again for the wonderful experience. I will definitely be returning!

Samantha S.

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I could not have loved this place any more. Everything you looked at was interesting and beautiful. I showed up stressed and left very relaxed, not wanting to leave. Delicious, gorgeous food with amazing hosts. I will definitely be returning.

a traveler United Kingdom

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Relaxing, peaceful, and nurturing; to name a few words to describe Calder House. I loved every minute of my stay and I ca not wait to go back. On a practical level, it was immaculate, comfortable, cozy, and stylish. On a personal level, I felt really cared for and nurtured while I was there. It is the perfect place for a restful break. Carole and Grant are total gems and I am so glad I got to meet and stay with them. Go for a week and enjoy a hot stone massage, a lazy day reading on the couch, swing in the garden, or, if you are lucky, enjoy a concert on the porch! I highy recommend it!

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