Breathe Sicily

Marsala, Aegadian Islands, Italy

Breathe Sicily decided to use own individual knowledge and experiences to organize and promote yoga holidays in Sicily.

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  • Kay

    Breathe Sicily website

    The retreat was wonderful last year! Sicily is definitely the place to go if you want to get away from everyday life and a perfect spot to (re)discover yoga. The classes were relaxing and instructive, the places we visited were beyond beautiful and the food extra fresh and tasty. A special thank you to the team for making me feel welcome and relaxed. Their genuine love for the island and passion for yoga made the difference to this holiday.

  • Anisia

    Breathe Sicily website

    I would like to express in few words what Patty during her heartwarming yoga lessons gave to me. It was one of my first European approach to yoga and from the beginning I felt in air that Indian truest atmosphere. Her voice, keeps you focused and suddenly you start feeling connected to your body, mind and spirit. She can totally guide you through the deepest meditation and through that process which helps you for a better self consciousness. I really loved that hours spent in her "company" and she's not just a teacher or a guide but also a dear heart and good friend. Namast Patty, Anisia.

  • Victoria

    Breathe Sicily website

    The most stunning locations, with beautiful Sicilian sea views, for some lovely and relaxing yet energising yoga classes with a great yoga teacher. Next time must try the catamaran experience!! Thanks ladies!

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