Brandon Everett

Trujillo, Spain

We offer healthy vegetarian mexican cooking holidays by Brandon Everett at Spanish Yoga Retreat Centre, a therapy and yoga in central Spain.

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  • Anne Cullen United Kingdom

    Brandon Everett website

    Having taken both classes and yoga holidays in Trujillo with Manuel I believe you couldn't do better. He has a true gift for healing, and both body and spirit feel so much better after each session. One of the key differences is that Manuel employs his deep understanding of the body to help you truly experience what yoga should feel like, rather than striving for advanced poses for the sake of it. It’s concentrated therapy in a class.

  • Father Peter Wright United Kingdom

    Brandon Everett website

    Outstanding teacher! I needed an intense time of study to develop my yoga practice, found Manuel’s web page, love Spain, so off to Trujillo I went. Brilliant week of practice - really focused on individual needs of the group of three. The food is spectacular too and I’m not a vegetarian! Visited Manuel’s practice in London for a review session and returned to Spain for another week’s yoga last June. I can't recommend him highly enough.

  • Mary and Hervé Gatineau United Kingdom

    Brandon Everett website

    Manuel and Brandon welcomed us with open arms into their eclectic, spiritual and peaceful home. Manuel was attentive and considerate in his yoga teaching. This was supplemented with much laughter, joy and discussion during our meal times together with Brandon. The vegetarian menus, lovingly created and inspired by travels and chillies were amazing - each day we looked forward to sampling new tastes. The experience was one of pure relaxation, learning and soul searching. We return to England inspired and wanting more!

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