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Bluone offers cooking tours in Italy. You can visit Emilia Romagna, Umbria, Le Marche, or Piemonte.

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a traveler Canada

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When you tour with Bluone, you are treated like family and the Royal Family at the same time! Our first tour with Bluone was a week in Bologna and it is truly one of our fondest memories. The cooking classes, visits to the market, road trips to cheese and balsamic vinegar producers were amazing but the best was dinner with Rafaella and her family. We recently returned from our second tour this time to the Puglia region with Marcello. Every day of the seven-day itinerary was filled with glimpses into the ways of this region from the history of the beautiful whitewashed towns, the architecture of homes, agriturismo, food and wine. If you are a foodie (especially for Italian cuisine) you must join Bluone on this tour. Through their connections and superb planning, you will be invited to outstanding wine tastings, lunches and dinners and cooking classes which will be beyond your wildest dreams - truly delicious, informative and great fun! Do not waste your money on cookie cutter tours with lots of people on a bus offered by other companies. Come and be one of the family with Bluone. We hope to be back with them soon!

a traveler USA

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This was our third tour with Bluone and once again it was as close to perfect as a vacation could be, save a bit of rain. But even that didn't dampen our spirits - we just ate! (and drank). Marcello (owner of Bluone) booked us into the lovely Villa Soligo, where the owner graciously offered s a glass of the house Prosecco within minutes of our arrival. Our room was great, the daily breakfast exactly right and the grounds lovely. The villa had a pool for relaxing time, but Marcello kept us busy with tours and tastings at Prosecco wineries both big and small - we especially loved the small, family owned wineries. For my fellow geographically challenged Americans, we may forget that northern Italy is so close to the Alps. One vinter answered my question about how grapes (and tropical looking foliage!) grow at this elevation by explaining hat the Apls block the cold air from eastern Europe, creating a most delightful micro-climate in this region. Perfect for growing glara, the grape of Prosecco and perfect for and a very delightful food and wine tour. As usual, Marcello hired a local professional driver, and had a local tour guide meet us in each town we visited. The restaurants were superb. Our farewell dinner was at a restaurant very near the villa, and after experiencing the wonderful food and one of the most exquisite deserts ever, I believe the story that that Marcello Mastrioni traveled there from Roma for the fine cuisine. This was a delightful trip, filled with charming surprises, expert guidance and wonderful food. Highly recommend!

Anthony F USA

TripAdvisor website

Last fall I contacted Bluone in order to organize a personalized private tour in Emilia Romagna for my family. I had the pleasure of previously traveling with Marcello and his talented daughter Francesca on a cooking tour in Le Marche. That experience made me confident in Bluone's ability to satisfy my family's varied interests. Our objectives were to tour small, family operated producers of Parmigiano-Reggiano, prosciutto and balsamico and to visit the area's iconic Ferrari and Lamborghini factories and museums. Beginning with his selection of Bologna's Hotel Cappello Rosso, every aspect of our itinerary was managed perfectly. Marcello's knowledge, attention to detail and his numerous personal contacts make traveling with Bluone very special. Thank you Marcello for making our family's days in Emilia Romagna memorable. Fino all presume volta... yes, there will be a next time!

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