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Best Slovakia Tours is a family-owned company, Slovak tour operator based in Bratislava, Slovakia. We bring a new wind into traveling to Slovakia.

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  • Travelers United States

    Best Slovakia Tours website

    Dear Peter and Jane – We just returned from our travels yesterday.

    Your website states: “You can rely on our deep, local expertise to ensure your travels are unique, enlightening and enriching.” This was 100% true in our case, which I sincerely tried to reflect in the review that I just posted on Trip Advisor.

    Best regards -- Allan

  • Travelers United States

    Best Slovakia Tours website

    Thank you for the relaxing day in the beautiful historical mining City, Banska Stiavnica. From the moment we got into your meticulously clean vehicle, we felt safe and comfortable. You did not waste any time to talk about the history and culture of Slovakia; you were attentive and organized. Of course the wonderful lunch at Café 4 Soche was also an experience that we would never forget!

  • Mark and Cecelia Dillon

    Best Slovakia Tours website

    We are very appreciative of your services. This was the first time any member of our American family had been back to Slovakia since Michael Pavlovic emigrated in 1892 to New York. It was wonderful to meet Antonia Pavlovicova and see that a strong Catholic faith and involvement has remained an extended family tradition. Thank you, too for connecting us with Fr. Frantisek Mosco.

  • Bob and Helena Carr Australia

    Best Slovakia Tours website

    Thank you Peter. We are now at the airport. The trip to the old Roman site and to Hainburg was great. When we came back on Friday we walked around the 6th and 8th districts. We walked for 3 hours!There is so much to discover in Vienna. On Sunday we went to church and the orchestra and choir sang Beethoven's Mass. It went for two hours and was beautiful music. Then we met with some Viennese friends of our friends who took us to see some different parts of Vienna for architecture and history.Now we have to go home to the normal life!! Give our very best to Jane and the boys. Hope to see you soon.

  • Gerry and Maria Teplansky United States

    Best Slovakia Tours website

    Travelling to and from Slovakia went quite well. We had no travel or luggage issues, and the service on Austrian Airlines was great. As for our vacation however, it was absolutely fantastic. Peter, you stayed true to your word, and provided us with the best vacation we have had to date! Our guides, Dagmar Balounova and Peter Gbur, are the best of the best.Dagmar, was very professional as well as personable, and her knowledge of Bratislava was impressive. She answered any and all questions we had. I don't think she left out anything about the city's history or the country's political structure. As for Peter Gbur, he is just a wonderful person.He went out of his way to ensure that we were comfortable and happy all of the time, and he always maintained a pleasant and positive attitude. Where ever we wanted to go, or what ever we wanted to see, he made sure our requests were fulfilled. Peter showed us all of the beauty and wonders of the majestic cities we visited, which included Nitra, Vienna, Budapest and Prague.Peter took us to the best traditional restaurants, and even made it possible for us to meet with a distant relative during our visit to Nitra, Slovakia. He is extremely knowledgeable of all of the places we visited, and at my request, Peter also educated us on the challenges Slovakians had to endure during socialism under Communist Rule.He is one heck of a photographer, and we are very grateful for all of the many beautiful pictures he provided us. During our time with Peter, he became more than just a travel guide for us, he became a very dear friend. You chose well to include both Peter, and Dagmar as guides for Best Slovakia Tours.Lastly, we want to thank you and your wife, Jane, for inviting us into your home, and for the warm hospitality you extended to us. We especially enjoyed Jane's homemade pancake desserts!Best Slovakia Tours met and exceeded all of our expectations. Please feel free to use us as a reference.

  • Maura McCaughey United States

    Best Slovakia Tours website

    Thank you for everything. The tour was even better than I had hoped it would be and you're right, we all had a wonderful time. We are continuing to call ourselves the "Queens of Slovakia".Thank you both for inviting us to your home.You have a beautiful family and we all felt honored to be your guests. The next day in Vienna was very nice, but we all said we miss Peter! We all made it back home safely, thank you. I certainly hope to come back again. Also if we happen to hear from Juri, we will need your translating services!

  • Bob and Margaret Australia

    Best Slovakia Tours website

    You are right - we really enjoyed our 7 days in Slovakia, particularly walking in the High Tatras, the unesco sites in eastern Slovakia, Kosice and the Tokay wine tasting. Also very charming and interesting were Banska Bystrica, Banska Stiavnica and the old town of Bratislava.We were very happy with the standard of hotel accommodation provided, particularly the Hilton Double Tree in Kosice and the Radisson Blu in Bratislava, although the Wifi reception in the latter case we (and Linda Holub) found to be quite poor, something we commented on directly to the hotel. We only have positive things to say about you, our guide, Peter.We found you to be a very welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable guide and a competent driver. We also really appreciated the comfort of the vehicles we used as well as your willingness and ability to vary the program in order to meet our needs or deal with unexpected contingencies.With the benefit of hindsight, we believe it would have been better for us to have allocated a little more time to the tour so that we could have, for example, done more walking in the High Tatras, spent at least two nights in each place of accommodation, and benefited from a little more free time in appropriate locations.We hope you find these comments useful. We certainly would be happy to recommend your tours to anyone else.

  • Tom and Seina United States

    Best Slovakia Tours website edited

    Hi Peter, thank you so much for an amazing tour of Prague. We had such a great experience because of you. I will definitely go on your website when I get a chance to write a review. I'll definitely tell people about your services and I'll be sure to reach out to you when next I'm going to Italy to get any tips you may have to share with us. Also, please let us know if you come to northern California some time. We went to the Opera in Budapest which was great and cost just a fraction of the Vienna Opera.

  • Mary Lou Reid

    Best Slovakia Tours Facebook

    Amazing experience. Peter is a thoughtful, funny, knowledgeable and accommodating guide. I highly recommend any of Peter's tours.

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