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56 Day Grand Master Thai Culinary Chef Course in Bangkok
This listing has no upcoming availability. Check out these similar experiences

This listing has no upcoming availability. Check out these similar experiences

(No availability) 56 Day Grand Master Thai Culinary Chef Course in Bangkok

Bangkok Thai Cooking Academy, 1940 Sukhumvit Road, Soi 60, Bang Chak Phra Kanong, Bangkok, 10260 Thailand

Thailand Culinary Course

The Grand Master Thai Culinary Chef Course offers 40 intensive days over eight weeks, taking you from basic (four weeks) to the advanced (four weeks) for a total of eight weeks of intensive professional Thai cooking. During this time, you will have learned more than 200 professional Thai dishes plus fruit carving. In addition, you will get a diploma upon successful completion of the course.

Meet the instructors

Chayanat, Laoongdao (Dao), & Piyarat (Guitar)
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  • Ingredients, supplies, cutlery to use
  • Recipes in English for meals prepared
  • Diploma upon completion of the course
  • Learn 25-30 professional Thai dishes weekly
  • Hot coffee, hot tea, and ice water during class
  • All meals cooked by each student
  • 55 nights accommodation

Skill level

  • Beginner


40 days with instruction in English
The organizer also speaks: Thai
Group size: Maximum of 6 participants
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Check-in Time:
Check-out Time:

You will be accommodated at a private room with private bath and air-con. Wi-Fi is available for 2,500 THB per week. Also, special rates are available for students from several 2 to 4-star hotels in the area. Here are some hotels and hostels near the school offering special prices to students:

  • Viva Garden Residence, 4 stars, fully-serviced rooms with kitchenettes and next to the school. Studio Superior room at 1,900 THB per night or 43,000 THB per month (1,433 per night), next to the school.
  • Chateau de Sukhumvit, 3.5 stars, fully-serviced rooms. Single room at 745 THB per night (minimum 14 nights) and monthly rates: 1 month at 20,000 THB and 2 months at 18,000 THB plus electricity. 800 meters from the school.
  • Klassique Sukhumvit Best Western, 3.5 stars, fully-serviced rooms near On Nut BTS. 800 THB per night. 1.5 kilometers from the school.
  • At Mind Executive Suites, serviced rooms, 4 stars. Superior room at 1,200 THB per night and monthly rate of 33,000 THB (30,000 no breakfast). Prices include daily breakfast, electricity, and water. A kilometer from the school. Be sure to tell them you are a student of the school.
  • S99 Hostel, nice, clean, and next to BTS Bang Chak. 320 THB per night (shared room) or 9,000 THB per month, near the school. Includes daily housekeeping and continental breakfast. 300 meters from the school.


Thai cooking skills and knowledge will be fine-tuned, starting with the very basics of Thai ingredients, preparation, cooking, and presentation. Over 200 dishes plus the ability to make at least 12 curry pastes, sticky rice, coconut milk, sauces, and dips will also be mastered. Familiarity with Thai ingredients, cooking utensils, fryers, etc. will be accomplished. Cooking skills, confidence, and use of Thai cooking equipment are mastered in this course.

Course details (40 work days)

  • Course start day: every Monday
  • Days and times: Monday-Friday, 9:30 a.m. onwards until all assigned dishes are completed
  • Number of dishes taught: 5-6 daily (over 200 in 8 weeks)
  • Recipes: provided in English for all dishes, curry pastes, sauces, and dips
  • Instruction: in English (except for Thai students)
  • Diplomas: awarded upon completion of each course
  • Class size: 6 or less students
  • Letter of acceptance: provided to those in need once a deposit is received


A Grand Master Thai Culinary Chef Diploma is awarded upon satisfactory completion of 8 weeks.

The academy

The professional culinary training classrooms are new and fully air-conditioned. Each chef student has his own training station complete with gas fryers, granite food preparation area, sink, and eating area. At the head of the training stations is the instructor’s demonstration station where all recipes are first prepared and demonstrated by the chef instructor.

The academy is in Bangkok, the capital of Thai culinary cooking and the home of world-renowned Thai dishes. Who would know Thai cooking better than them, and where else would you go to properly learn Thai cooking? Their Thai cooking is not fusion or prepared with substitute ingredients. They use authentic ingredients and teach you how Thai dishes are supposed to taste. Practice makes perfect, and this is exactly what you will do here. You will learn 25-30 professional Thai dishes weekly.

List of dishes taught with their Thai names

Basic Thai cooking course - 4 weeks (20 days)

Week 1

Monday (1)

  • Red curry paste (prepare) (Nam Prik Gaeng Phet)
  • Red curry with chicken (Gaeng Phet Gai)
  • Chinese kale with prawn salad (Yum Kankanha)
  • Chicken in coconut milk soup (Tom Kha Gai)
  • Stir-fried black pepper beef (Nua Pad Pik Thai)
  • Mango with coconut sticky rice (Khao Neaw Moon)

Tuesday (2)

  • Panang curry paste (prepare) (Nam Prik Gaeng Panang)
  • Panang curry with chicken (Gaeng Panang Gai)
  • Pomelo salad (Yam Som-O)
  • Crispy fried mussel pancakes (Hoy Tord)
  • Stir-fried chicken with cashews (Gai Pad Med Ma-Muang)
  • Pumpkin in sweet coconut (Buad Fak Thong)

Wednesday (3)

  • Massaman curry paste (prepare) (Nam Prik Gaeng Masaman)
  • Massaman curry with chicken (Gaeng Masaman Gai)
  • Steamed pork with lime sauce (Prepare) (Moo Noung Ma–Now)
  • Stir-fried chicken with basil (Gai Pad Kra Pao)
  • Deep fried shrimp in tamarind sauce (Prepare) (Goong Thord Lad Sood Makham)
  • Fried sweet noodles with pork (Pad See Eeaw)

Thursday (4)

  • Yellow curry paste (prepare) (Nam Prik Gaeng Ka Ri)
  • Yellow curry with chicken (Gaeng Ka Ri Gai)
  • Papaya salad (Som Tam)
  • Grilled marinated beef with spicy dipping sauce (Prepare) (Seur-Rong-Hai)
  • Spicy salad with fried egg (Yam Khai Dao)
  • Hot & sour prawn soup (Tom Yum Goong)

Friday (5)

  • Green curry paste (prepare) (Nam Prik Gaeng Kheao Wan)
  • Green curry with chicken (Gaeng Kheao Wan Gai)
  • Egg tofu and seaweed clear soup (Tom Juid Tao Hu Khai)
  • Thai style fried rice noodles (Pad Thai)
  • Sweet and sour vegetables with chicken (Pad Preaw Wan Gai)
  • Stir-fried chicken with ginger (Gai Pad Khing)

Week 2

Monday (6)

  • Chu chi curry paste (prepare) (Nam Prik Gaeng Chu Chi)
  • Shrimp in dried red curry (Chu Chi Goong)
  • Fried spring rolls and sweet chili sauce (prepare) (Por Pie Tord)
  • Glass noodle salad (Yam Wun Sen)
  • Thai grilled fish (Pla Pao)
  • Thai sweet dumpling (Ka Nom Tom Bai Toey)

Tuesday (7)

  • Chicken satay and peanut sauce (prepare) (Gai Satay)
  • Green mango salad (Yam Ma Muang)
  • Fried fish with mixed herbs (Pla Thod Sa-Munprai)
  • Thai fried rice (Khao Pad)
  • Steamed sweet pumpkin pudding (Ka Nom Fuk Tong)

Wednesday (8)

  • Barbecued pork served with rice (Khao Moo Dang)
  • Deep fried chicken wings with sesame (Peed Gai Thot Nga)
  • Spicy grilled chicken salad (Nam Tok Gai )
  • Crispy roasted pork belly (Moo Krob)
  • Jelly dessert (Wun Ka Ti Bai Toey)

Thursday (9)

  • Fish curry paste (prepare) (Nam Prik Khanom Jeen Namya)
  • Noodles with fish curry (Khanom Jeen Namya)
  • Thai fish cakes and sweet cucumber dip (prepare) (Tord Man Pla)
  • Grilled duck Thai style (Phad Yang)
  • Stir-fried eggplants with minced chicken (Pad Ma Keau Yaw)
  • Stir-fried beef with spicy herbs (Pad Khee Mao Nua)

Friday (10)

  • Thai grilled pork on skewers (Moo Ping)
  • Crispy shrimp with green mango salad (Yam Goong Foo)
  • Stir-fried beef with oyster sauce (Nua Pad Nam Man Hoy)
  • Fried stuffed squid with garlic (Pla Muek Thot Gratiam Phrik Thai)
  • Sweet corn in tapioca and coconut milk (Sa Khoo Piak Khao Pode)

Week 3

Monday (11)

  • Chicken corn fritter with dipping sauce (prepare) (Tod Mun Khao Pod Gai)
  • Hot and sour tamarind curry with fish and vegetables (Gaeng Som Pla Pak Ruam)
  • Spicy shrimp salad with lemongrass (Pla Goong)
  • Stir-fried young green chilies with chicken (Gai Phad Prik Orn)
  • Bananas in sweet coconut milk (Kluay Bod Chi)

Tuesday (12)

  • Tom yum flavored spring rolls with dipping sauce (prepare) (Por Pia Tom Yum)
  • Seafood satay with spicy seafood dip (prepare) (Satay Talay)
  • Mackerel in chili fish sauce (Pla In-C Tord Nahm Pla)
  • Vegetables in hot curry soup (Gaeng Leang Pak Ruam)
  • Thai tea drinks - lemongrass, ginger, Roselle, Siam granita

Wednesday (13) - noodles day

  • Boat noodles with pork (Kway Teow Rua Moo) - 1 / 2 day
  • Egg noodles, wonton, and BBQ pork (Baah Mi Kieaw Moo Dang) - 1 / 2 day

Thursday (14)

  • Fried prawn on toast (Kanom Pang Na Goong)
  • Northern dip with vegetables (Nahm Prik Ong)
  • Stir-fried Chinese cabbage with shrimp (Pak Kard Khao Look Chin Goong)
  • Baked seafood and rice in clay pot (Khao Ob Talay)
  • Three colored dough with caramel rice Krispies (Kanom Niew)

Friday (15) - contemporary day

  • Crispy pancake roll with crab meat (Kanom Beaung Na Poo)
  • Spaghetti with chicken in coconut cream sauce (Spaghetti Tom Kha Gai)
  • Massaman curry with beef and mashed potatoes (Goong Massaman Nua Man Bod)
  • Deep fried prawn and herbs salad in taro basket (Goong Thod Katong Pheuak)
  • Coconut cream on purple sweet potato (Mun Cheaum)

Week 4

Monday (16) - street foods

  • Stewed pork leg with chili vinegar dip (Khao Kha Moo) - 1 / 2 day
  • Chicken and rice with soybean paste dip (Khao Man Gai) - 1 / 2 day

Tuesday (17)

  • Cucumber salad with boiled egg and prawn (Yum Tang Gwa Goong Sod))
  • Hot and sour tamarind chicken soup (Tom Yum Kai Nahm Sai)
  • Stir-fried blue crab with curry powder (Poo Phad Pong Karee)
  • Grilled seafood souffle wrapped with banana leaf (Hormok Talay Ping)
  • Thai sweet sticky rice (Khao Niew Gael)

Wednesday (18)

  • Southern style yellow curry paste (prepare) (Naam Prik Gaeng Kua)
  • Southern style yellow curry with crab meat and wild betel leaf (Gaeng Kua Poo)
  • Grilled pork sirloin with lemongrass (Moo Yang Takrai)
  • Stir-fried tofu with minced pork and shitake mushroom (Tofu Phad Moo Sab Hedhom)
  • Stir-fried rice vermicelli with tamarind sauce with soybean dip (prepare) (Mee Krati)

Thursday (19) - vegetarian day

  • Panang vegetarian curry paste (prepare) (Nam Prik Gaeng Panang)
  • Panang curry with tofu and vegetables (Panang Tofu Pak Ruam)
  • Hot and sour mushroom soup (Tom Yum Hed)
  • Spicy tofu salad (Laab Tofu)
  • Fresh spring rolls with spicy chili dip (prepare) (Por Pia Sod)
  • Stir-fried tofu with cashew nuts (Tofu Pad Med Ma-Muang)

Friday (20)

  • Egg sheet roll with minced shrimp and pork (Kalawek Sod Sai)
  • Stir-fried dried curry with crispy fish (Phad Prik Khing Pla Foo))
  • Prawn crispy wonton in mushroom gravy (Rad Na Kieaw Krob)
  • Steamed rice flour flowers scented with custard pudding (Kanom Nam Dokmai Sangkaya)

Advanced professional chef course

Week 1

Monday (1)

  • Grilled long eggplant salad (Yam Ma-Kua Yaw)
  • Chicken wrap with pandanus leaves (Gai Hor Toey)
  • Sweet dip (prepare)
  • Steamed fish with ginger sauce (Pla Neung Khing)
  • Deep fried shrimp in spicy sauce (Phat Khi Mao Goong Thod)
  • Thai layer cake (Ka Nom Chan)

Tuesday (2)

  • Jungle curry paste (prepare) (Nam Phrik Gaeng Pah)
  • Jungle curry chicken (Gaeng Pah Gai)
  • Crispy catfish green mango salad (Yam Pla Duke Foo)
  • Stir-fried clams with Thai chili paste (Hoi Laai Pad Nam Prk Phao)
  • Stir-fried shrimp with asparagus (Goong Pad Nor Mai Farang)
  • Coconut milk custard (Ka Nom Tuay)

Wednesday (3)

  • Shrimp spring rolls (Por Pia Goong Thod)
  • Seaweed wrap with chicken (Gai Hor Sa-rai)
  • Banana blossom salad (Yam Hua Plee)
  • Crispy spring roll pie (Goong Ka Bueang)
  • Chinese plum sauce (prepare) (Naam Jim Buay)
  • Arayal leaf wrap appetizer (Miang Kham)

Friday (5)

  • Chomuang dessert stuffed chicken (Chomuang Muang)
  • Spicy seafood in hot plate (Pla Phat Cha Ka-Ta Roon)
  • Pineapple fried rice (Khao Pad Sapparod)
  • Green curry golden bag (Tung Thong Kheao Wan)
  • Tiny dumplings in sweet coconut milk (Ka Nom Bua Loy)

Week 2

Monday (6)

  • Vegetable soup paste (prepare) (Nam Phrik Kaeng Leang)
  • Vegetable soup (Kaeng Leang)
  • Cone puff pastry stuffed with curry (Gruy Ka Ree)
  • Deep fried chicken wings (Bpeek Gai Thod Nam Pla)
  • Steamed sea bass with lime sauce (prepare) (Pla Kaphong Neung Manow)
  • Steamed banana pastry (Kanom Kluay)

Tuesday (7)

  • Gaeng Khua curry paste (prepare) (Nam Phik Gaeng Khua)
  • Mussel curry with pineapple (Gaeng Khua Sapparod)
  • Winged bean salad (Yam Tua Plu)
  • Tom Yam fried rice (Khao Pad Tom Yam)
  • Spareribs garlic (Si-Khrong Moo Thod Kra Tium)
  • Water chestnuts in coconut syrup (Tub Tim Grub)

Wednesday (8)

  • Chicken in brown sauce on rice (Khao Na Kai)
  • Deep fried wrapped pork ball with noodle (Gai Sa-Rong)
  • Green curry fried rice (Khao Pad Gaeng Kheao Wan)
  • Deep fried fish served with spicy herb salad (Yam Pla Boran)
  • Sweet noodles in coconut milk syrup (Sa-Rim)

Thursday (9)

  • Tay-Pho curry paste (prepare) (Nam Phrik Gaeng Tay-Pho)
  • Tay-Pho curry with pork belly and morning glories (Gaeng Tay-Pho)
  • Stir-fried spare ribs with lemongrass (Si-Khrong Moo Pad Ta-Kri)
  • Deep fried fish in red curry (Pad Ped Pla Thod Krob)
  • Yellow curry crab (Poo Pad Phong Ka Ree)
  • Sweet coconut stuffed dough (Kanom Saide Sai)

Friday (10)

  • Khao soy curry paste (prepare) (Nam Prik Gaeng Khao Soy)
  • Khao soy with chicken (Khao Soy Gai)
  • Deep fried fish in three-flavor sauce (prepare) (Pla Thod Sam-Rod)
  • Pork dumpling (Kanom Jeeb Jeen)
  • Thai shrimp roll
  • Taro coconut custard (Maw Kaeng Pheuak)

Week 3

Monday (11)

  • Fresh spring rolls with five-spice sauce (prepare) (Por Pia Sod)
  • Stuffed nutria omelets (Kai Yut Sai)
  • Stuffed chicken wings (Bpeek Gai Yut Sai)
  • Soybean dip (prepare) (Lon Tao Jeow)
  • Thai coconut noodle dessert (Kanom Lot Chong)

Tuesday (12)

  • Cabbage with filling soup (Kaeng Juid Kralumplee Yat Sai)
  • Mixed mushroom salad with tofu (Yum Hed Tao Hu Pla)
  • Grilled spicy chicken southern style (Kai Kor Lae)
  • Grilled chicken salad (Yam Gai Yang)
  • Pineapple morsels topped with minced chicken and peanuts (Ma Hor)

Wednesday (13)

  • How to make tofu (Tao Hu)
  • Steamed or deep-fried tofu and prawn sauce (Tao Hu Song Khuang)
  • Fried crisp rice sheets and dip (Kao Tang Na Tang)
  • Deep fried spicy chicken salad (Laab Tord)
  • Rich noodle paste with bean sprouts (Kway Teow Lord)
  • Siamese cupcake (Kanom Pui Fai)

Thursday (14)

  • Crispy fried noodles (Mi Krop)
  • Spicy minced chicken spring rolls (Por Pia Laab)
  • Crispy baked fish with herbs (Pla Op Samoonpri)
  • How to make fish balls (Look Chin Pal)
  • Fish balls with hot chili (Look Chin Pla Pad Prik Kee Noo)
  • Sweet taro with coconut filling (Takoh Pheuak)

Friday (15)

  • Fruit and vegetable carving

Week 4

Monday (16)

  • Thai curry dip (Kapi Khua)
  • Fried rice balls with spicy shrimp paste (Khao Tord Nam Prik Ka-Pi)
  • Spicy shrimp paste (prepare)
  • Deep fried crab meat with chili pepper (Nua Poo Pad Prik Leong)
  • Spicy lemongrass with shrimp salad (Pla Goong)
  • Bananas with sticky rice (Khao Tom Mat or Khao Tom Pad)

Tuesday (17)

  • Three kings soup (Kaeng Jid Sam Ka-Sat)
  • Fried vermicelli with pork (Wun Sen Phat Khai)
  • Stir-fried squid with salted egg yolks (Pla-Meuik Pad Kai Kem)
  • Fried scallops (Hoy Sheel Ja)
  • Ray Rai dough press (Kanom Ray-Rai)

Wednesday (18)

  • Stuffed cucumber soup (Gaeng Jued Tang Gua Yud Sai)
  • Fried crab and chicken stuffed shells (Poo Ja)
  • Deep fried pork with sesame (Moo Tord Nga)
  • Bake prawns and mung bean noodles (Goong Oob Wun Sen)
  • Thai coconut cake (Kanom Ba Bin)

Thursday (19)

  • Goong Song Khuang sauce (prepare)
  • Dressing up shrimp (Goong Song Khuang)
  • Thai style chicken Biryani with green sauce (Khao Mok Gai)
  • Crispy swamp cabbage salad (Yam Pak Bung Thod Krob)
  • Thai rice noodles in coconut milk (Mee Kati)
  • Mung bean flour and coconut dessert (Kanom Luerm Gruen)

Friday (20)

  • 1 / 2 day - Look Choop (fruit-shaped mung beans)
  • 1 / 2 day - Thai chili paste (Nam Prik Phao)


Chayanat Boonmeerod

Laoongdao (Dao) Chanawong

Piyarat (Guitar) Ruangsang



Hot coffee, hot tea, and ice water during class are included as well as all meals cooked by each student (lots and lots - lunch and dinner).

The following meals are included:

  • Drinks

The following drinks are included:

  • Water
  • Coffee
  • Tea

The following dietary requirement(s) are served and/or catered for:

  • Regular (typically includes meat and fish)
If you have special dietary requirements it's a good idea to communicate it to the organiser when making a reservation

Things to do (optional)

  • For some real action, it is hard to beat Muay Thai Kickboxing at night
  • From high-end malls to possibly the largest market in the world-Chatuchak Weekend Market, shopping in Bangkok can be world class or incredibly cheap
  • Make a day trip to Ayutthaya, the former capital of Thailand and home to many Unesco Heritage sites, or visit the Bridge on the River Kwai for a bit of World War II history
  • Take a half day foodie tour of Bangkok, visit some food stalls, and taste the local cuisine
  • Visit Lumphini Park and see the monitor lizards sunning on its watery banks
  • Visit Pattaya Beach and see the Gulf of Thailand, or if you haven't had enough cooking yet, take another cooking class

What's included

  • 55 nights accommodation
  • Ingredients, supplies, cutlery to use
  • Hot coffee, hot tea, and ice water during class
  • All meals cooked by each student (lots and lots - lunch and dinner)
  • Recipes in English for all meals prepared
  • Diploma upon completion of each course bearing the academy seal
  • Academy uniform: black T-shirt and apron with logo
  • 40 dishes learned per week

How to get there

Recommended Airports

Arrival by taxi

Taxi to the school costs 400 THB maximum.

Cancellation Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 25% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.
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