Babilonia Italian Language School

Sicily, Italy

Italian language courses and study-abroad programs in Sicily.

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  • Stella Woods

    Babilonia Italian Language School Facebook

    One of the best experiences of my life. I spent 3 1/2 weeks in Taormina and as I'm reasonably advanced in spoken Italian, I decided to take three hours a day of private lessons over a three week period. Money very well spent - not only were the teachers excellent, motivated, well-prepared and focused on helping me achieve my goals, I was also able to attend a whole variety of free cultural events, Saturday trips to Catania and Mount Etna and enjoy the food, culture, scenery, beaches and history of Taormina including its history as part of Magna Grecia, which I had been unaware of prior to arriving there.

  • Kate Gilliom United States

    Babilonias Facebook page

    I was fortunate enough to receive a scholarship from AATI to attend classes at Babilonia for two weeks. I myself am an Italian instructor in the United States and have a lot of experience in study abroad programs, having attended another program before as a student and having worked for a different program as a teacher. Babilonia is one of the best run programs I have ever encountered.My teachers for both grammar and conversation always remained in the target language, were friendly and helpful. The dedication of everyone at Babilonia to keeping all students speaking in Italian was greatly appreciated and the staff fostered an encouraging environment where all students, even beginners, felt comfortable trying to speak the language.I also thoroughly enjoyed all of the cultural experiences the school offers, and I took full advantage of them. From lectures on Baroque architecture, to cooking lessons, to climbing Mount Etna, I learned so much inside and outside of the classroom. I have nothing but positive things to say about Babilonia and hope to come back and attend the school again in the future. I also recommend the school to many students that I work with back in the United States.

  • Bethan Davies United States

    Babilonias Facebook page

    I recommend Babilonia school without hesitation. I had a brilliant time there and if you are thinking of going, then book it and go! It is a well-established school with great teachers, in a beautiful setting - what more could you ask for. I took classes as a beginner for four weeks and was very pleased with my progress. Teachers were relaxed, encouraging and fun and their lessons were well structured and varied. They all spoke clearly. We covered speaking, listening, reading and writing. The standard course covers two lessons in the morning and leaves you free in the afternoon, which works well.Being in a country helps you to learn quickly and the Sicilians were welcoming and encouraging when we practiced our Italian. Babilonia is in beautiful grounds with a lovely garden and cafe, where you can sit in the shade of citrus trees and enjoy a coffee, do your homework, or chat to the other students. It has a lively and friendly cafe team, who really help you feel at home. There are different events and activities in the evening to suit everyone, from Italian films to cookery classes, to day trips.I shared a flat with other students at the school which was fun, but you can also live with an Italian family or have a flat of your own. All flats are in walking distance of the school. The students were a good mix of ages and different nationalities and it is easy to make friends - you will soon find yourself settled in and doing everything with your new best friends!Many of my friends had been to Babilonia before, which says a lot about the school. Taormina is full of tourists and so it is very expensive, but save up some money and go - it's worth it! The setting is beautiful - sea on one side, mesmerizing Etna on the other, you will never tire of strolling down the Corso Umberto and looking at the view or the beautifully dressed Italians. Babilonia is aptly named, it really is like paradise!

  • Maria Annie United States

    TripAdvisor website

    I was in Taormina for 10 days and I discovered Babilonia. It is an Italian language school located in Taormina, Sicily. The location is close to the Greek theatre and a beautiful location by the sea. I spent most of my afternoons at Babilonia (in the garden) having a delicious lunch, caf, or a cocktail. Sometimes I read or access their internet access for free to check my email.Sometimes, I just sit enjoying the sun; relaxing with the birds humming in the background and soft music. They serve delicious food and wine for lunch and dinner. I was fortunate to witness a jazz band from the UK playing one evening having cocktails. It is a great place to meet foreigners who is learning the romantic Italian language and also a quiet place to get away from the tourist scene in Taormina. If my stay was longer I would have definitely take courses for at least two weeks.

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