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B&B Yoga Center Casa Bhakti

Granada, Spain

Yoga Retreat Center Casa Bhakti offers accommodation, healthy organic vegetarian food, meditation, and yoga retreats in English, near Granada, Andalusia, Spain.

Reviews 34

  • Anonymous

    January 2018, BookCulinaryVacations

    The location nestled in the outskirts of Granada. Thanks to everyone I Casa Bhakti. They worked very hard throughout the 6 days including Chris who picked us up in Salar to Francesca, Loic and his mum who cooked very good food for us everyday.

    The lecture about yoga is unnecessary and I would prefer if this was omitted, focus on a more fluid and adapatable style. I am not a follower of specific doctrine in yoga and I would prefer a more open, adapatable, neutral approach. The afternoon vinyasa yoga was more ideal.

  • Nicola Dempsey Great Britain

    January 2018, BookCulinaryVacations

    Francesca and Loic (and family) were so hospitable. I came on the Christmas retreat and they just made it so special. The food was incredible and I love what they are doing to create their permaculture. Loic’s Yoga and continued guidance was also just what I needed to reset my own practice. I will be back no question!!

  • Gina Croft France

    November 2017, BookCulinaryVacations

    It was my first time at a yoga retreat and such a brilliant introduction to it. Loic

    and Francesca looked after us so well. The yoga was interesting and challenging, great vege food prepared with care and kindness. Flexible and the retreat was immaculate. A chance also to meet lovely interesting people as well.

    I really can't think of any other than the coffee headache I had to endure for two days but as that was self inflicted I can't say it was them!

  • Mariana Rajic Germany

    November 2017, BookCulinaryVacations

    My yoga retreat at Casa Bhakti was simply perfect. If you’re looking for a relaxing week to practice yoga in a peaceful place surrounded by calming nature, look no further!

    This place is filled with Love.The super friendly hosts Francesca and Loic put great efforts into making it beautiful, in sync with the surrounding Andalusian landscape, stylish and cozy. The food they prepare is so tasteful, fresh and colourful. This retreat offers such a great experience you just want to stay there forever.

    Loic’s life path is making him the most inspiring, qualified, to say the least, and holistic yoga teacher. Funny on top of that!

    Imagine watching the sunrise behind Sierra Nevada every morning before your meditation session and finish off the day with a warm sunset before your last savasana of the day.

    It is a bliss to be there for a moment and I can only recommend it.

  • Hannah Marmion France

    October 2017, BookCulinaryVacations

    I enjoyed my time at Casa Bhakti so much. It is the perfect place to relax and unwind and recharge. It was excellent value for money, with top quality vegetarian food, lovely accomodation, informative yoga classes with a well educated teacher, and excellent company. Located in the hills close to Granada, away from cars and people, surrounded by olive trees, with a view of Sierra Nevada, it is beautiful! A very quiet and peaceful place to forget about the outside world for a week and remember to take care of yourself. I couldn't recommend this place highly enough. I will be back!

    Nothing. Everything was wonderful and exceeded expectations!!

    This has nothing to do with the staff or experience at Casa Bhakti... but the only thing I would recommend, when you book, is to pay the full amount online if you don't want to bring a lot of cash to the retreat to pay (there are no card facilities there).

  • Katrin Foerster Spanish State

    October 2017, BookCulinaryVacations

    I liked everything about my stay at Casa Bhakti!

    It is located in the most serene landscape in the middle of a olive-tree-desert. Francesca and Loic are the most friendly and welcoming hostesses with incredible cooking skills. The food was absolutely delicious and the yoga classes professional and very well balanced, for beginners and advanced.

    If you want to recharge your batteries and have fun at the same time this is the place to go to!

    THANK YOU to Francesca and Loic! I am looking forward to seeing you again soon!

  • Richard Mcdonnell Great Britain

    October 2017, BookCulinaryVacations

    It was a well organised and structured centre with wonderful holestic support and amazing food!!

  • Jean Harris Great Britain

    July 2017, BookCulinaryVacations

    Everything! Yoga, food and the wonderful hospitality.


  • Helen Newton Spanish State

    June 2017, BookCulinaryVacations

    Thank You - Loic & Francesca - so much for a wonderful yoga experience, you will definitely see me again :)

    I was a complete Yogi novice & wanted a retreat that enabled me to explore the whole yoga experience - breathing exercises, yoga & meditation. Loic certainly gave me that & more; it opened my eyes to what yoga can do for me - physically, mentally & visionary/spiritually.

    He was an excellent teacher who created a relaxing and open environment, whilst explaining everything clearly & helped you to get the most out of each posture. The 2 full sessions a day were perfect to explore the benefits of yoga.

    Francesca & Loic have created a wonderful yoga retreat in tranquil & beautiful countryside. The accommodation was 5-star for a casa rural (I have stayed at many so know what is usual) and the food for all meals was wonderful & has inspired me to explore new dishes and ingredients.

    The pool was a lovely place to relax by & chat in between the 2-daily sessions. The whole week was excellent value for money.

    If you are looking for a way to experience what yoga can bring to your life I can't recommend this retreat enough - I'd go again next week if I could!

    Leaving the friends I'd made.

  • Alina Doht Germany

    January 2018, BookCulinaryVacations

    When I decided to do my first retreat, I scanned bookyogaretreats.com and found a lot of "Yoga & Adventure Sport Week" or "Rejuvenating Weight Loss Yoga" stuff. For me, in a situation in where I really wanted to get on with my personal and mental growth, among other things dealing with two major losses in the family, I looked for a retreat which teaches y o g a: not a gymnastic, but a way to become yourself.

    Finally, I found Casa Bhakti. They wrote that they provide „serious yoga“, which turned out to be complety true. Which absolutely does not mean, that Loic and Francesca have no humour, au contraire☺.

    I was picked up at Moraleda Enpalme by Loic's father. After a busride which made me sick, and being nervous if the small station was the right place to get off, he made me feel safe immediately.

    The house and the whole complex is beautiful. I found my room very pretty and cosy. The bath was very modern and new. I felt extremely comfortable there. The the area is astonishing. You have a clear view in all directions, and can follow the sun rise and sun set. It is very calm.

    It was very good to have two different teachers.

    The food was awesome. Next time I'd like to experience a diet which is not only veg. but completely vegan, because I am a vegetarian for over 10 years, and would like to benefit from a programm, which goes a step further.

    Due to the sunny but cold weather around Christmas, it was a bit cold in the yoga room. Loic teaches a very traditional style of yoga, which I (influenced by this whole vinyasa trend from the past years) had to adapt to first, but found it then very enlighting. A con of this style in combination with the cold for me was, that it is quite static.

    My group was very nice. To me, it seemed a bit that the other participants, even if all of them were experienced in yoga and were concerned with questions about life, saw the retreat more as a „healthy holiday“. I would have expected, for example, that not only me stayed offline. But I guess it’s what you can expect if you book a retreat over the Christmas holidays. Even if I they were extremely lovely, next time I will maybe try a silent retreat.

  • Camille Bourguignon France

    December 2017, BookCulinaryVacations

    Loïc et Francesca sont des hôtes formidables, ils vous accueillent comme à la maison et on se sent bien dès l'arrivée. Dans ce centre à taille humaine, nous avons pu pratiquer plusieurs types de Yoga avec des professeurs passionnés et à l'écoute. J'ai particulièrement apprécié le travail sur la respiration et la méditation ainsi que l'initiation aux rituels tibétains. La situation du centre est idéale au milieu des oliviers. La cuisine est savoureuse, un régal ! Je vous recommande de tester le massage ayurvédique, c'est un vrai bonheur. Une semaine chez Casa Bhakti et vous repartirez complètement ressourcé.e.s !

    Rien de m'a déçue, j'ai adoré ce stage. Peut-être que j'aurais aimé des temps d'échanges un peu plus structurés sur les fondements théoriques du Yoga mais des ouvrages sont à disposition pour ceux qui le souhaitent :)

  • Anne-kathrin Schulz Germany

    December 2017, BookCulinaryVacations

    The first thing I thought after arriving was "Oh no, what should I do the whole day?" There are a lot of olive trees and nice walking paths but that's it. After the first day I let go, enjoyed the yoga classes, the surrounding, the very nice company and the amazing food. For me tasty food is very important :-) and my expectations were greatly exceeded. I also need to point out Francescas good heart - always trying to make your stay as comfortable as possible! Further more the yoga classes were with different teachers and all brillant - ohh and the massage on Tuesday - excellent!

    So visit this lovely spot, take your walking shoes with you, warm clothes in the winter time, something to read and a second stomach for the delicious food! This vacation was just what I needed!

  • Ana Grau Spanish State

    November 2017, BookCulinaryVacations

    This was my first yoga & meditation retreat and thanks to Loic & Francesca it will definitely not be the last. They are truly beautiful people, so natural, warmhearted, refreshing and welcoming that you feel like home right away.

    Loic´s classes are fantastic, great for mind & body, demanding, entertaining, varied and funny. He has a lot to teach and share in a unique and special way.

    The food is strikingly delicious, it was always something else to look forward to. So tasty, healthy and pleasant. Mindful eating is an easy task with such delicacies. Each bite being a wonderful surprise.

    The spot and the facilities are beautiful and every detail has been taken care of.

    I absolutely recommend it.

    I will be back, guys ;).

    I liked everything.

  • Celine Charveriat Belgium

    October 2017, BookCulinaryVacations

    A Casa Bhakti, le bleu du silence n'est troublé que par les oiseaux. La nature déploie un camaieu de jaune paille, de vert olive et de terre pourpre. Loic et Francesca sont des hôtes extraordinaires de bienveillance et d'attention. Je suis arrivée bien mal en point et suis repartie transformée de mon séjour grâce à la nourriture délicieuse, les 3 heures quotidiennes de yoga et de méditation, de magnifiques rencontres et du temps pour moi. Om shanti.

  • Glenda Satiro Switzerland

    October 2017, BookCulinaryVacations

    Francesca and Loic are two lovely people, very welcoming and heartwarming. At Casa Bhakti you feel at ease the moment you arrive. The food was amazingly good! What I also really appreciated about the food was that there was no coffee and the meals were vegetarian and always healthy. The surroundings of the house are very nice, there's nothing but olive trees and it's quiet and most of the time sunny. I enjoyed going for some walks and using the pool. In the beginning of the week I was having the flu and Francesca and Loic were so kind to take care of me, by giving me stuff for inhaling and gargling. Also, they spontaniously let me shift my week to one day later (arrived later, left later), because I couldn't come on the day I planned, being very sick. Thank you! The vibes that Francesca and Loic spread are so positive and that contributed a lot to make me feel well during this week at Casa Bhakti. Also the day schedule with yoga classes and meals was just perfect for me. This week filled up my energy tank. Thank you again for everything Loic and Francesca!

    The only really small thing that could be improved is to add some cupboards in the bedroom and bathroom, because there was almost no space to put clothes and bathroom stuff (already gave the feedback personally and some changes will be made :)...)

  • Sophia Böhm Germany

    October 2017, BookCulinaryVacations

    Everything! I love the beautiful landscape with lots of olive trees, to watch sunrise and sundowner there with peace, very natural, friendly, loving, warm and interesting people.

    Yoga and Meditation was challenging for the beginners and advanced yogis and I learned about different styles and got inspired!

    Food is just great, fresh, healthy and always nicely decorated.

    Loic and Francesca took very good care of us, where always there for a little chat, to share experiences and some jokes in between. They know what they are doing and do it with love, passion and humor.

  • Hansueli Luethi Switzerland

    June 2017, BookCulinaryVacations

    Wir wurden herzlich im ruhigen Yoga Retreat inmitten der Olivenbäume von Francesca und Loic empfangen. Loic verstand es hervorragend uns die Meditationsübungen und das Yoga weiterzugeben. Es war grossartig wie er uns unterstützt hat in den täglichen Übungen für Körper und Geist. Das Essen, welches von Francesca und Loic liebevoll zubereitet wurde, war fantastisch. Die Liebe zum Detail ist überall spürbar. Ein wundbarer Ort mit einem wunderschönen Spirit. Danke Euch Beiden für die eindrückliche und wertvolle Erfahrung. Shanti, shanti .... Monika und Hansueli

  • Antje Wiechern Germany

    June 2017, BookCulinaryVacations

    Casa Bhakti is at this point a relatively new place (as it has only been opened for a couple of months) - yet it feels older: whole and complete as if it was always there in the hills and beneath olive trees. Loic and Francesca told us that many people, volunteers from different countries, have contributed. The result is something truely special.

    The rooms and bathrooms are all newly refurbished, squeaky clean and the comfy little details and decorations made me feel at home right away.

    The fully organic vegetarian food was absolutely delicious, every day I was looking forward to the next meal. I also liked that the retreat is caffeine, smoke and alkohol free.

  • Jeroen Leenders Spanish State

    May 2017, BookCulinaryVacations

    For me, it was the first time I participated in a retreat and I am very enthusiastic about the week I spend with this very nice couple. The yoga classes were of a very good level and for me as a starter not too intensive and exactly at my level.

    Nature is beautiful for a perfect walk. The first village is about 1 hour and 15 minutes. The nights are very quiet so I could rest perfectly. The meals are really really good. The transfer to the airport is taken care of.

    Again, for me, it was a perfect week.

  • Petra Marguc France

    May 2017, BookCulinaryVacations

    Casa Bhakti is truly a retreat, a beautiful house in a beautiful setting of andalous landscapes. Francesca and Loic - with the help of Delia and Johanna - do everything to make you feel at ease and put great effort in preparing beautiful breakfast, lunch and dinner. During our stay, we had yogaclasses by three different teachers, Johanna, Delia and Loic. It was a good opportunity to experience different styles within one week.

  • Helenacupuncture


    I wanted to get a feel for what Yoga & mediation could bring to my life and this retreat with Loic & Francesca was the perfect introduction. The session twice a day were excellent pitched for the beginner I am and was limited to 6 people so everyone got the right amount of encouragement and assistance.

    The 3 vegetarian meals a day were mouth-wateringly excellent and have enthused me to cook more like this at home and were a perfect complement to the yoga side of the retreat.

    They have a masseur Daniel who gave the best sports massage & cranial-sacral treatments I've ever had and mad a wonderful bonus to the retreat.

    I will definitely be going again :) as it was excellent value for money.

    All the rooms for a casa rural are superb offering ensuite & were cool even though it was June a real plus

  • a traveler


    Really nice and relaxing

    We enjoyed a lot our stay: the place is nice and calm, in the middle of nature. Loïc and Fran welcoming, yoga excellent, and an extra applause for the food: we're not vegetarian, but we enjoyed it a lot. Thanks again!

  • Laura


    A Perfect Ten

    I had the good fortune of stumbling across Loic and Francesca's Yoga Centre, on the search for a relaxing holiday. Followed with a Skype call to make sure they weren't crazy extreme yogis (I can't touch my toes), my sister and I booked a week-long retreat at Casa Bhakti. Loic and Francesca are two of the most kind and caring people I know. They were attentive without being overinvolved; they seemed to effortlessly balance being there when you needed them and invisible when you did not. They have enough land that you can feel completely solitary or wholly united with the group, whichever your preference is at any one time. We did yoga every day, with not a shred of comparison or competition or shaming or judgment (when you can't touch your toes, this matters), and I learned more about myself that week than for a very long time. It wasn't all serious - our group was hilarious, something celebrated by Francesca and Loic as much as our need for space, unity and relaxation. And the food was truly amazing: as an ordinarily fanatic meat-eater, I was amazed at how many great and good-for-you vegetarian meals there are - never the same meal twice. Their healthy-ish, two-ingredient chocolate mousse is worth the entire trip. Rest assured, Loic and Francesca are doing this for all the right reasons. There was not one thing I would change, it was a perfect trip.

  • PM


    We'll be back !

    We had a wonderfully relaxing and laid back stay in a beatiful environment. The hosts were great, cooking phantastic and healthy food, magically arranged. We had a mix of yogaclasses by three different teachers, which was very good. We met vey nice people and we will definitely come back.

  • Pavlina Fojtikova


    Casa Bhakti is a beautiful place. Francesca & Loic are very nice people and they put lot of efforts to create amazing atmosphere where guests can relax, meditate, practice yoga and and enjoy nature. The food is absolutely fantastic - home made, vegetarian, delicious. The place itself is newly renovated, clean, in the middle of olives & almonds fields with views of the mountains. Thank you for a great retreat

  • Benoit Brussels


    The hosts not only preach but also practice loving kindness in all stages of this very authentic experience, from welcome to the way the table is set for somptuous vegetarian meals.

    Yoga teacher both demanding and benevolent.

    Setting beautiful and peaceful.

  • Marjolein van Gelder Netherlands


    I absolutely loved this yoga retreat, the house is based in an area with a stunning scenery: high mountains on the back and you are surrounded by almond and olive trees which is great if you wanna go for a walk. The foot is delicious and you always eat with the lovely owners who are very welcoming, nice and interesting people. The yoga was very good and relaxing as well (and for all levels) No complaints at all!

  • Kate T


    Relaxing ,sun ,mind stretch, amazing healthy food, nice rooms, olive and almond trees. Francesca and Loic are genuine friendly, helpful and caring. I liked the scheme of the day and i would definitely back.

  • Kate Sherratt United Kingdom


    Wonderful break! I feel so relaxed and healthy. Loic and Francesca have created a lovely peaceful place in the Spanish hills. We were surrounded by olive groves, and almond blossoms. They cooked amazing food, bottomless teas were available. The yoga classes were great and really helpfully graded for all levels. They and the other people were great fun and lovely. I'd happily recommend it.

Testimonials 5

  • Liam X

    TripAdvisor website

    I arrived to a scenery that far far exceeded the photos. Incredible backdrop of olive trees leading to snow covered mountains. As I continued to look around the grounds I was inspired - a beautiful set up! Everything going forward was truly amazing! Food cooked with passion, a flow of yoga and meditation geared to allow a transformation (if you're ready ;)) And lots of smiles.. Much gratitude to the wonderful owners!

  • Renata Machová Europe

    B&B Yoga Center Casa Bhakti Facebook page

    What a breathtaking experience! This place is simply a stunner. The location is amazing - in the middle of olive trees groves, suitable for long walks on lonely roads under the Spanish sun. The yoga classes were something different than you usually get 'served' in majority of yoga studios. Loic is a perfect teacher, he explained everything and is always willing to help. The routines made me feel strong and I met totally new borders of my body. And finally - the meals. Honestly I have never experienced better and tastier breakfasts. Both Francesca and Loic cook with great love and you can taste it. The meals were healthy, fresh, light and yet super delicious. However, this is so difficult to describe, one must simply experience it. Sincerely thank you both for your excellent service, gracious hospitality and genuine kindness.

  • João Alexandre Garcia

    B&B Yoga Center Casa Bhakti Facebook page

    An incredible place! Loic and Francesca are very welcoming and both are great cooks!! The meals are always freshly prepared with organic ingredients. Even though I am not a vegetarian I enjoyed so much every dish and didn't miss eating meat during my stay. I never had practiced yoga before and I manage to complete all the sessions! Loic is a great teacher, explaining the benefits form every exercise. The whole experience was extraordinary, learning about our bodies, eating delicious and healthy food, watching amazing sunsets and exchanging cultural knowledge.

  • Katani List Europe

    B&B Yoga Center Casa Bhakti Facebook page

    Casa Bhakti is one of the most idyllic places I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. Not only is this the perfect location to unwind and relax, but you will also be residing with the kindest and loveliest people in Spain. I cannot even put into words what an amazing experience I had at Casa Bhakti. Anything from watching the sunrise while practicing morning yoga on the outside yoga platform, to eating and creating delicious and healthy vegetarian and vegan meals together while listening to Loic's mantras and lovely chants, to having interesting knowledge-exchanges of various topics regarding life, spirit and well-being while watching the most incredible sunsets on the horizon of the beautiful countryside in the South of Spain. The memories I have made in this place will always bring great joy to me and I am leaving Casa Bhakti not only fully refreshed (and tan) but also having made new friends who treat everyone they come across as equal. Thank you Loic and Francesca for this amazing experience, I cannot wait to come back.

  • A traveler

    TripAdvisor website

    We enjoyed a lot our stay: the place is nice and calm, in the middle of nature. Loïc and Fran welcoming, yoga excellent, and an extra applause for the food: we're not vegetarian, but we enjoyed it a lot. Thanks again!

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