8 Days Wellness Yoga & Cooking Retreat in Florida

  • Ayurveda Health Retreat, 14616 North West 140th Street, Alachua, Florida 32616, USA

Rejuvenating Ayurveda Yoga Retreats USA

Ayurveda is one of the oldest systems of medicine, dating back over 5,000 years to ancient India. It is the science of living in harmony with nature. In Sanskrit, ayur means life and veda means knowledge. A truly holistic approach to achieving and maintaining that balance, it is time for you to rest, relax, and rejuvenate yourself with a private room and healthy vegetarian meals in this wellness retreat.


  • Ayurvedic cooking classes
  • Practice pranayama everyday
  • Daily yoga and meditation sessions
  • 1-hour massage or Ayurvedic health consultation
  • Daily delicious vegetarian meals
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • 7 days with instruction
  • English
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During this week, all guests will be staying in a private room in the retreat.

Ayurveda utilizes various therapies including yoga, diet, massage, and herbal preparations to bring balance and harmony to the body, mind, and soul. It is a truly holistic approach to achieving and maintaining that balance. It is time to rest, relax, and rejuvenate yourself with this retreat that will bring your inner peace forward.

The Ayurveda Health Retreat is not just an active yoga community. It is a group of conscious people who enjoy music, dancing, learning, and exploring. There are also regular events such as yoga teacher trainings, workshops on Ayurveda, and live music performances.

In this retreat, you will enjoy yoga classes in the morning starting from 08:00 a.m. to 09:15 a.m.. The retreats’ morning classes interweave a simple sadhana practice of 40 minutes of asana postures, 30 minutes of pranayama breath work, and meditation.

Every Saturday evening at 05:00 p.m., participants will be able to enjoy creating an Ayurvedic dinner. During this course, you will learn how to eat right for your body type, let food be your medicine, and the six Ayurvedic tastes, which are sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent, and astringent.

Other than that, you will also learn how to properly prepare food combinations, the importance of organic whole foods, conscious cooking and eating, and how to make ghee and cook with spices. You will also learn to prepare vegetable curries, soups, rice, quinoa, traditional Chai, and healthy desserts and appetizers, as well as how to make Indian breads.

Ayurveda Health Retreat is located in the small historic town of Alachua, Florida.

Nearby places

  • Gainesville Airport (GNV) - 20 minutes
  • Jacksonville International Airport (JAX) - 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Orlando International Airport (MCO) - 2 hours

During this retreat, you will be served with daily vegetarian meals.

During your free time you can take a relaxing stroll down charming Main Street. or visit the freshwater springs, parks, and rivers nearby. You may also want to take advantage of the abundant outdoor activities available within a 15 or 20 minute drive. Nothing encourages relaxation and recovery like quality time spent reconnecting with Mother Earth.

There are many clear springs, rivers, and lakes for swimming, canoeing, or kayaking, as well as a wide range of walking and hiking trails for any level of expertise. Take a slow amble on a leafy path through O'Leno State Park, climb the stairs down into the Devil's Milhopper sinkhole, tube down the Ichetucknee River, or even bike through the San Felasco Hammock.

One-hour massage treatment or Ayurvedic health consultation is included.

Aromatherapy aroma touch massage - 1 hour for 125 USD

Using organic essential oils this session incorporates simple massage techniques to create a powerful whole body healing experience. It works to restore homeostasis, and minimize the impact of stress, increase immunity, reduce inflammatory response and correct autonomic imbalance. Gentle massage is given to the back, neck, and shoulder area with essential oils.

Aromatherapy consultation - 45 minutes for 100 USD

Ayurvedic Health Retreat certified aromatherapist will create a blend of essential oils that will balance your body, mind, and emotions. You will receive a personalized product for your own therapeutic use.

Ayurvedic facial - 1 hour for 95 USD

The Ayurvedic facial nourishes and exfoliates the skin with a completely natural, chemical, and preservative-free products from Better Botanicals. The relaxing facial massage triggers a balanced lymphatic flow and restores life, vigor, and function to the skin.

Ayurvedic health consultation - 1 hour for 140 USD

During your consultation with the Ayurvedic Practitioner, you will receive an Ayurvedic pulse analysis to determine your prakruti, or else known as constitution, and vikruti, or else known as imbalance. You will receive dietary and lifestyle recommendations, as well as specific herbal remedies and treatment that will help you with your health. It is free with a five-day stay or longer.

Ayurvedic massage abhyanga - 1 hour and 15 minutes for 125 USD

Enjoy the amazing effects of a massage with medicated herbal oils. The traditional abhyanga treatment includes a warm oil massage. This special therapeutic massage detoxifies and rejuvenates the body, improves circulation, strengthens the immune system, and enhances the complexion of the skin. Above all, it leaves you with a general sense of well-being.

Deep tissue massage - 1 hour for 95 USD and 2 hours for 180 USD

This style of massage is designed to relieve severe tension in the muscles and fascia. It focuses on releasing trigger points located deep within the muscle tissue.

Energy healing session - 90 minutes for 160 USD

This session will help you to release old dysfunctional patterns stored deep in the psyche and physical tissues. This is facilitated by Tachyon Crystals and a special healing table. You may expect simply feeling lighter or may have past life memory release. Jvala allows your own energy to lead the healing session.

Kati Basti - Lumbar Sacral Rejuvenation - 95 USD

Kati Basti is an effective treatment for relieving lower back pain, stiffness, and other back concerns related to spinal disc problems. Ayurvedic herbal oils are applied to the back and the local Marma points are energized.

Marma therapy massage - 1 hour for 95 USD

Acupressure massage and herbal oils are used to unblock the energy pathways in the body called Marmas. This is a very relaxing and rejuvenating treatment.

Melba healing session - 3 hours for 250 USD

Experience three hours of bliss under the special care of Melba. This hands-on therapeutic massage will contain many modalities specialized for your special care.

Nasya - nasal treatment - 30 USD

During this therapy, several drops of medicated oil are administered into each nostril. This opens and cleanses your nasal and sinus passages, enhancing the flow of oxygen to the brain. It may relieve allergy and sinus conditions and improve your memory. Included is one bottle of nasya oil for you to take home.

Netra Basti - eye rejuvenation - 95 USD

During this treatment, organic ghee is gently poured into the eyes and allowed to soak in. This soothing and nourishing procedure is good for rejuvenating dry eyes, relieving tension in the eye muscles, enhancing the natural luster of the eyes, and improving the clarity of vision.

Reiki healing session - 1 hour for 95 USD

Reiki is a simple, non-invasive healing system that works with the higher self of the receiver to promote health and well-being of the entire physical, emotional and, psychic body. Some of the benefits are stress reduction and relaxation, which trigger the body’s natural healing abilities.

Relaxation massage - 1 hour for 95 USD and 2 hours for 180 USD

This gentle massage reverses the effects of negative stress by bringing about the relaxation response. It reduces blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate, and the level of stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol in the body.

Royal Spa Panchakarma treatment - 2 hours and 30 minutes for 300 USD

Ayurvedic massage, Svedhana, or else known as steam cabinet, nasya, or else known as nasal therapy, and Shirodhara.

Shirodhara - 1 hour for 125 USD and 3 sessions for 350 USD

Enjoy a relaxing shoulder and neck massage before you enter the timeless space created by a shirodhara treatment. As warm herbal oil flows constantly over the third eye area of your forehead, you relax deeper and deeper with each breath. Shirodhara has a profound impact on the nervous system. That means, the treatment directly and immediately calms, relaxes and has a healing effect on the nerves and mind.

The gentle pressure and calming warmth of the oil allow the mind, body, nervous system, and spirit to experience a deep state of rest, similar to meditation. This treatment is recommended for treatment of high vata symptoms which include feelings of fearfulness, anxiety, worry, sleeplessness, hypertension, and impotence.

Thai massage - 2 hours for 180 USD

Thai massage is both energizing and relaxing. The therapist uses hands, feet, and knees to move you into a series of yoga-like poses. Thai massage improves circulation and increases flexibility and range of motion.

Traditional Royal Spa Panchakarma treatment - 2 hours and 30 minutes for 425 USD

Ayurvedic massage, Svedhana (steam cabinet), nasya (nasal therapy) and Shirodhara.

Transformational breathing - 2 hours for 140 USD

Transformation breathing (TB) is a powerful self-healing process using conscious breathing. It clears the subconscious of all types of traumas at the cellular level, thus freeing your life-force and bringing you back in touch with your authentic self. Breath is a metaphor for life, the more openly you breathe, the more alive you will feel. With transformational breathing, you will experience greater physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Vedic astrology reading - 140 USD

Vedic astrology, which is deeply embedded in Indian culture, offers you advice and predictions on your health, relationships, spiritual journey and more. You will learn about the planetary periods and their influence on your life. You will get insights on your current situation and what to expect in the near and distant future.

Western astrology reading - 140 USD

Western astrology is more psychologically and therapeutically oriented than the Vedic system. Your chart will help you define your direction in life by looking at your patterns and tendencies and it will better equip you to face life’s challenges. Through the explanation of planetary transits and cycles, you will see your life from a new perspective and gain more self-awareness.

  • 1-hour massage or Ayurvedic health consultation
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • Ayurvedic cooking classes
  • Daily vegetarian meals
  • Daily yoga, meditation, and pranayama sessions
  • Additional activities, excursions, and services
  • Additional meals and drinks
  • Additional spa treatments
  • Airfare
  • Airport transfers
  • Personal expenses
  • Tips and gratuities

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Gainesville Regional Airport (GNV), Orlando International Airport (MCO), or Jacksonville International Airport (JAX). Transfer from and to Gainesville Regional Airport (GNV) is available upon request for 60 USD round trip.

  • The deposit is fully refundable if the booking is cancelled before the arrival date.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.

Alachua, Florida, United States

Ayurveda Health Retreat is a group of dedicated health professionals offering authentic retreats with traditional Kerala Ayurvedic therapies.

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