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ARZA World is a full-service wholesale tour operator, that combines tourism services with enhanced programming. Their aim is to provide tours that address the needs of their clients.

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  • Beth Shalom Synagogue of Baton Rouge

    ARZA World website

    Doron is amazing! What knowledge; what patience; what ability to impart his information; what energy. He was a bright spot, if you will, in every day. I wish I had written down even one fourth of what he imparted. He has a ready smile and does not shy from talking. I would have requested the group get in a smaller radius to him in outdoor situations, but he managed to talk to everyone. Doron is a unique person and great educator.

  • Mary Blum United States

    ARZA World website

    How fortunate we were to be blessed by a journey operated and implemented by ARZA World. There is no question that the crew visiting from Westchester Reform Temple not only benefited from your extraordinary staff but also your great team. Lucky us! The depth of knowledge and the deft execution directed equally to the 7-year-old and 70-year-old speaks volumes for the professionalism and talent your company bestowed upon my family and the entire WRT crew. Uri Feinberg is most certainly a master teacher whose abilities and scholarship reach far beyond the required baseline. At 40, he can easily be called sage. Our trip was without fault for its entire duration. It was also enhanced by additional stops and intimate Talmudic evening study.

  • Joel United States

    ARZA World website

    You probably know this already but the trip was a winner and went off without a hitch. Uri Feinberg may be the best guide I have ever experienced on the ground in Israel and believe me, I have seen a lot! Thank you for everything you did to make it happen, we are coming home exhausted but transformed.

  • Ashwin Singh Riar

    Gecko Adventures website

    This tour is the only way to see Morocco. I managed to experience lush green valleys, desert plateaus, sand dunes, oases, rich culture and amazing historical sights in the span of a short 2-week holiday!

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