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Armonia Alpujarra creates harmony at every level, offers yoga holidays for growth and transformation, and combines a family holiday with a healing yoga retreat.

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Yair Sagy

After serving in the Israeli army for four years, Yair felt a deep need to change, like an inner voice that was whispering "that is not it, you need to continue and explore, your destiny is calling". That voice was so strong that he could not ignore it. So, he packed up and embarked on a spiritual quest which led him to India where he discovered yoga, meditation, and a deep urge to unite with the divine. As the magic continued to evolve, Yair was guided in a way that allowed him, through teaching yoga, Qigong, and the practice of acupuncture, to help others to heal and transform.

Ziza Fernandes Sagy

After finishing her army service and a degree in art, Ziza moved to Los Angeles. Whilst living there, she was invited by a friend to model in a foot reading and reflexology class. She was amazed by the depth and amount of information the students managed to gather from her feet, as well as the deep physical and emotional experience when she was treated. That experience had a profound effect which helped her understand herself in a new way. For the first time, Ziza understood there is a connection between body, mind, and emotions, and so she decided to become a therapist herself.

Reviews 19

Siobhan Lanigan

from Great Britain, January 2018

"Nurturing, nutritious and very beautiful"

Very relaxed and welcoming yet with structure to the day. Perfect for my first yoga retreat. I also loved partaking in and learning more about biodanza, Qigong and acupuncture. Thank you so much for a wonderful 4 days, Siobhan x

Charlotte Ellis

from Great Britain, January 2018

"Fantastic Welcoming Wholesome Perfection"

Everything x

Celia Wells

from Great Britain, January 2018

"Christmas retreat"

The friendly supportive family atmosphere


from Gibraltar, July 2017

"Yoga get away"

I loved the beautiful environment: the surrounding mountain area (on which I went horseriding- kindly arranged by my hosts) The different areas we practiced yoga in were inspiring and relaxing, especially the platform surrounded by olive trees and a gorgeous view. My house mate was lovely and my hosts were very kind and accommodating. I also received treatment that they offered and was delighted with the results.

Manasi Shah

from India, June 2017

"Must-have experience!"

Would highly recommend everyone to immerse in this experience at least once. It is a beautiful, purifying and peaceful environment, everything from the unique yurt stay to the fresh, home-grown food and the first-time biodanza experience!

The best part yet is the wonderful hosts, Yair and Ziza. They felt like family and made this an unforgettable experience!

Inmaculada Jiménez Pineda

from Spanish State, August 2017

"Vacaciones para abrir los sentidos a la naturaleza en familia"

La experiencia en general. Disfrutar en familia de un descanso en pleno contacto con la naturaleza. El trato personal y profesional de Yair (una persona de 10) y su familia. La excelente comida de Ziza y la convivencia con dos familias estupendas.

Sandra Ortlieb

from Spanish State, August 2017

En los 3 días que estuve en el centro de Yair y Ziza me he relajado tanto y me he recargado las pilas a tope con buena energía. Estuve alojada en casa Iris, una casa muy bien cuidado y tranquila. La comida vegetariana es espectacular y hecho con mucho amor. Las clases de yoga son cada vez diferentes, que me gusto mucho. Por causa del calor por la tarde, nos daba clase en la piscina. Ha sido una experiencia nueva y buenísima! Muchas gracias por todo!

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Armonia Alpujarra website

"This retreat was for me like a little ‘heaven of peace’ that I really needed after a few months of hard work. I loved the experience of living in a yurt in the middle of the beautiful nature up there. I also enjoyed very much the morning yoga and the treatments, delivered, heartfully, by my two hosts Yair and Ziza...and the food was so delicious. I hope I’ll be able to reproduce some of the nice meals proposed by Ziza in her recipe book. I definitely recommend this retreat... just go and let it flow, you won’t be disappointed ;) "

Thanks again for your warmth and kindness!


Lainey Ennis

Armonia Alpujarra website

Dearest Yair and Ziza,

It’s taken me awhile to get back to you to say what a wonderful retreat I had with you over New Year – apologies for the delay.

The food, the yoga, the surroundings and your own attention to detail and loving care was just wonderful. I feel much enhanced by the experience.

Again so many thanks to you both AND Shanti’s presence was delightful and interesting.

Much love and light to you all,


Lainey Ennis

Sophie de Poucques

Armonia Alpujarra website

Dear Ziza and Yair,

Happy New Year and may all your wishes come through for a healthy, warm, sweet, flavoury, successful and challenging 2018.

Through my way home last Wednesday, I had the chance to visit Granada for a few hours. The food wasn’t as good as yours and the people around were loud. This means that staying in Armonia Alpujarra in Lanjaron was so good to forget about all the daily, hectic stuff around.

It was a pleasure to stay there. The hospitality, the accommodation, nature, the food, the yoga activities, and treatments were all amazing and so enjoyable. Really nice, what does a person need more?

Without the lovely company of all the participants, I would not have learned about lessons in life, data theory, masters in law, famous people, body language, dreams etc.

Every single moment of this retreat was great, all the good feelings brought me back to a totally fearless existence, as when I was 14 years old. Wow … The amount of energy is still peaking and it makes me feel happy and strong to face the reality.

The recipe book is so inspiring. Thank you Ziza. I tried some of them (my own version) and shopping is more enjoyable than before.

My kids are so happy with their new mom. We experience a warm satisfaction, trust, happiness, and harmony. Thanks for all the amazing good influences and loads of energy.

Let every day be a dance party … and

Thank you for this place

Thank you for our body

Thank you to ourselves

Thank you for the food

I deserved to be loved

Big hugs

Sophie de Poucques


Armonia Alpujarra Healing Retreat Centre

Hola Yair and Ziza,

I had the most wonderful time at the Christmas retreat. Your hospitality, humanity, and kindness are extraordinary. We enjoyed 10 sessions of yoga/meditation/ bio danza, as well as the opportunity to opt for additional treatments. After the bio danza, I felt so much more able to let go that I was ready for reflexology with Ziza. Truly amazing, empathetic, cleansing. All this at the same time as having three beautiful and tasty meals a day. The four others on the retreat became good friends, a truly enriching experience.

I will remember my time with you, I feel so much more at one with myself. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.




Armonia Alpujarra website

Dear Yair and Ziza,

Wanted to say a big thank you again for this week. It was wonderful to get to know you both - thank for being so welcoming and kind. Loved the classes, food, yurt and surroundings. I noticed when I got home how much calmer and at peace, I felt - the experience was perspective-changing!

Hope you have a wonderful New Year!

Best wishes,


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