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London, United Kingdom

Aram. Yoga is about chronicling the adventures of a yogi in London. It features Aram Raffy, one of the respected and in-demand yoga teachers in London.

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  • Kieran Bew

    Aram. Yoga Facebook page

    I can now levitate thanks to Aram, it's very handy when mopping the kitchen and my shoes are lasting longer than ever... his practice is dynamic, focused and energising.. he helped me recover when I broke my back in a surfing accident.. enjoy practice, it might save your life.

  • Said Durra

    Aram. Yoga Facebook page

    Amazing teacher, also a really funny guy! The most fun yoga classes I've ever been to

  • Angie Kay

    Aram. Yoga Facebook page

    Aram shares a brave and dynamic practice with a free-wheeling, sparkling sense of humour. And. Profound. Punctuation: no. non. sense. As ever, grateful for your generous spirit

  • Mark Philipp

    Aram. Yoga Facebook page

    Truly excellent teacher, Aram puts the Yo! in Yoga.

  • Saba R.

    Aram. Yoga website

    Aram’s classes are a perfect balance between being in a state of mindfulness and a good workout. He moves around the class, making little adjustments that make a big difference. The class flows from start to end, you will come out feeling at peace with your body and mind.

  • Farrah J.

    Aram. Yoga website

    Aram’s calm, uplifting classes are definitely the best yoga sessions I’ve come across in London. As a beginner, I appreciate how he makes people of all levels feel really welcome and comfortable, and yet manages to challenge even the more experienced members of the class. His thorough knowledge of yoga makes each class interesting, and I particularly love the relaxation sessions at the end! I’d heartily recommend him as a fantastic teacher.

  • Beth A.

    Aram. Yoga website

    From the first class, I was hooked. Aram is such an inspirational yoga teacher who is so generous with his time, energy, and spirit. His challenging yet comforting practice both physically and mentally never fail to restore my focus and balance. I can’t thank you enough for all your guidance and encouragement, yoga has transformed me in so many positive ways, and this is totally down to you. Aram Raffy you are London’s ultimate yoga teacher!

  • Mark P.

    Aram. Yoga website

    I really enjoyed the emphasis he put on the breath. So few yoga classes I’ve been to even touch on breathing technique. Amazing deep relaxation at the end too. I felt wonderful! Thanks Aram.

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