Antigone Yoga offers a welcoming, safe, and fun environment that enables all yogis to experience yoga as a celebration of life and health with the added power of being part of a community.

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I’ve never experienced a yoga retreat or had touched yoga for nearly three years but I can honestly say it was one of the best things I have ever done. Antigone’s attention to detail and everyone working at the hotel treated each and everyone of us like royalty, with absolute kindness, warmth and consideration. The diversity of food and amount of it never left you hungry but made you wanting more. Kelly is also a true gem and a new friend for life. Her teaching was clear, focused and spiritual.


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Where do I begin! It was one of the best weeks ever! The yoga, the food, the beach, the pool, the sunshine! Everything was so well organised and special we didn't have to think about anything, just focus on yoga and relaxing. And I can't wait for more Antigone Yoga retreats!


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A wonderful experience. I think it may have changed my life!


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This was my second time on Antigone's Cyprus Yoga retreat - I thought last year was good but this time even more attention to detail. Lovely group and what a lovely sunny place to go to in October. The yoga tuition was top notch and I will be continuing via Kelly Brooks youtube sessions.


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I had never been on a yoga retreat before and the retreat was amazing! The Cypriot food is incredible with a buffet breakfast post-yoga and an evening meal post-restorative yoga with so much variety. You will not go hungry on this retreat! The problem is actually trying not to overeat because the food is so good.

I am not really a beach person but I love to swim in the sea. The sea water at the beaches and boat trip are crystal clear and feel amazing on the skin. Once I swam on the boat trip, I had to go to the beach every day to swim and chill out in the sea.