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Andalucia, Spain

Annie B's Spanish Kitchen. Annie offers a chance to immerse yourself in village life and integrating with local people. Custom tours.

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  • a traveler Canada

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    The two of us (1 cook, 1 non-cook) came to Vejer primarily to participate in a cooking day class with Annie. Sybil (the cook) had wanted to experience Spanish cooking first hand - we choose Annie based on tripadvisor reviews and on the feeling that Annie (Scottish) would be able to also provide a non-Spanish reference point.I (the non-cook) wasn't sure if I should only have lunch at the end of class - or actually attend the class. Eventually I choose to participate. Sybil (the cook) loved the cooking class. She found the cooking techniques very interesting and came away with several tidbits and treasures of cooking knowledge. I look forward to experiencing this newfound treasure in the future.I (the non-cook) also enjoyed the class. I found several parts very interesting - visiting the butcher and markets, tasting different Spanish ingredients, viewing several cooking techniques, interacting with other class members, and most importantly - tasting the final product !I didn't find the class intimidating because the participation primarily involved simple tasks of cutting, combining, stirring, and most importantly - tasting. The actual final cooking was primarily done by Annie and her very capable Spanish assistant Pepi.We both very much enjoyed the Spanish attributes that the lovely Pepi brought to the class. Annie has a gift for making everyone feel very comfortable in her class - including this non-cook. And she provides copious amounts of wine and sherry to ensure that you enjoy everything.

  • Kevin United States

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    I have been traveling to Vejer for the past several years, each time to relax and avoid the "rat race" by wandering the streets of this lovely "white village" while stopping from time to time for tapas, Fino, Tinto and cerveza (not all at once!).When I heard about Annie B's cooking classes I immediately inquired. I was lucky to be able to be fit into a class a few weeks ago. The day commenced when Annie met me and my fellow students; 9 lovely ladies from Australia.We strolled through the village as Annie took us from place to place purchasing ingredients to be used in the class. The churros we ate a small shop along the way were a delight. The local butcher invited us into his kitchen and demonstrated how he prepares his own chorizo and several other items of cured meats.It was then on to Annie's beautiful domain situate high atop one of Vejer's hills. We prepared, cooked and then enjoyed numerous traditional Spanish dishes at the direction of Annie and her assistant, Pepi. Throughout the day Annie provided a mini course on the sherry produced not far away.Of course, we also tasted several different kinds of sherry which were paired excellently with the food. Our instruction culminated with a sumptuous feast comprised of the day's efforts and paired beautifully with local wines.Although I had expected this to be the end of the day I was pleasantly surprised when Annie invited me to accompany her and the rest of the group to a private Flamenco performance that evening in a local club.It was outstanding. I had been looking forward to this day for quite some time. It greatly exceeded my expectations and I will be sure to return for one of Annnie's Moroccan cooking classes at my earliest opportunity.

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