Anima Mundi Retreat Center

At Anima Mundi we are working on our personal development, offering several activities to work on our body and mind health.

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from United Kingdom, October 2018

"It was ok, could have been a lot better"

The place is in the middle of no where and there really isn't much surrounding it. If you are looking for a place to just relax, yoga and meditate, this is great but if you are looking for other activities in between, this isn't really the place. The food also wasn't very healthy or inspiring. It was ok.

Victoria Leary

from United Kingdom, August 2018

"Fabulous accomadation and outstanding staff"

The rural location was very peaceful and the farm house accomadation was fabulous, with good bathrooms and attractive fittings. The bedroom furniture was very basic and the vegitarian food cated for my specific dietary requirements and occasionally very interesting and tasty. The two yoga instructors we had, Christina and Laura, were both good teachers with different yoga styles and levels of English spoken. They were thorough and enthusiatic and helpful and the classes were excellent. The optional reflexology session with Christina was also very good - she was caring and knowledgable. Laura was also very generous in lending me her bicycle so I could go for a lovely bike ride. All the staff worked hard to make us all welcome and comfortable.

Annie Jameson

from Spain, August 2018

"Total peace and relaxation"

Perfect setting with quietness and a beautiful house. The staff were very friendly and welcoming and the yoga was great!

Imogen Doherty

from United Kingdom, July 2018

"A wonderful experience"

Everyone who lives and works there is so lovely, open and friendly. The building is beautiful and you feel very well looked after. The surrounding area is stunning, perfect for going for a walk in the evening. I really enjoyed my yoga sessions and I would come again! It was a friendly and peaceful atmosphere.

The only downside is that the centre is quite far from Manresa so I would recommend getting a taxi straight from the rail station as the bus is unreliable, and make sure to only pay 25€ for your trip.

Berit Næsborg

from Denmark, June 2018

"A nice experience"

It's a nice place and people. The food is very good. And very good and so nice yoga teachers (Pia, Laura and Mary Cruz)

Alexandra Isoc

from Romania, June 2018

"I really enjoyed my stay"

The location was perfect for the quiet I need, I loved hiking/cycling around and connecting with nature. The food was great and plenty and I'm so missing it; I swear it got better and better every day! Yoga was great too and it left me pretty sore, the yoga teachers were very lovely; I can tell chanting is not really my thing though-but that's just me. One thing I need to point is one of the yoga teachers is struggling with english and she was teaching mostly in spanish which was fine by me as I know the language, but I think not fair for non-spanish speakers that pay for this retreat; some girls were confused and didn't know what they have to do, so I think it's something that should be pointed in the description so people know what to expect; apart from that Laura was very nice and she offered to lend me her bike which was so unexpected and such a lovely thing she did!

Overall I'm happy that I chose this yoga retreat and I was sad to leave!

Rihan Dewan

from United Kingdom, April 2018

The homely feel and amazing people


from Spain, April 2018


Fantastic all-around

Amber Wheatley

from United Kingdom, March 2018

"Three day retreat"

The atmosphere was perfect for relaxing, all the staff were very friendly and welcoming and there was a lot of positive energy!

Grace Dillon

from Italy, March 2018

"3 Day Yoga "

Food was amazing, and the yoga classes were very good and relaxing. The house was beautiful, and all the staff was incredibly nice.

Shona Fletcher

from United Kingdom, October 2017

"Absolutely wonderful"

The location was fantastic, just an hour from Barcelona and gloriously rural. Veronica's food was delicious and plentiful. The hospitality was wonderful - everyone aimed for us to have a relaxing and peaceful stay and that's exactly what we got. Amy's yoga was the right level of practice for us and the rooms it took place in were inspiring. Massage was good and there was even an unexpected sauna and hot tub in a beautiful old wine cellar. The location of the house enabled us to walk, run and simply rest and relax. Just perfect for what we required.

Elisabeth Schmid

from France, April 2017

"Excellent retreat for a short break!"

I could have stayed longer at this lovely and peaceful area. We only stayed 3 full days but we got spoiled from our lovely cooker Louis and her excellent vegan dishes. All meals were served fresh from the garden and we didn't have to worry about everything! Together with our Yoga teacher Dave we had two private sessions a day (morning before BF and evening before dinner), which was an honor to experience that! The retreat gives so many opportunities to forget the everyday life and escape with a book reading under the spring spain sun :-). We felt so welcomed and I would love to come again! Thank you again!

Mathilde Piveteau

from France, December 2018

"Havre de paix"

Week-end entre amies dans la campagne de Barcelone. Journées bien rythmées, cours de yoga diversifiés, repas équilibrés et chemins de randonnées au départ de la maison, le tout dans un atmosphère chaleureux et convivial autour de la cheminée. Je veux y retourner vite :) Mention spéciale pour Laura et Cristina!! Sa ta Na Ma Wahe Guru

Natàlia Esteban

from Spain, November 2018

la clases de yoga y la gente de la casa muy agradables

Brigitte Brijbag

from Netherlands, November 2018

"Great experience!"

Perfect location, food and wonderfull staff. Totally loved it ❤

Sonja Otto

from Norway, October 2018


Die Instrukteure Laura und christiana waren super! Das essen auch. eine Stunde bei Martin war auch super. Obwohl nicht alle fliessend Englisch sprachen haben wir alles tiptop vertanden und konnten alles mitmachen! Die Stunden waren gut aufgebaut :-)

Patricia Castro

from Spain, September 2018

"Excelente "

La casa impresionante y el entorno mágico. Las chicas de la casa son todo luz. Laura increible y atenta. Cris todo dulzura y Junt todo amabilidad. He estado como en casa. Gracias

Carla Sofia Esteves Pereira

from Andorra, July 2018

"Carla - Como en casa!"

Gracias por todo!

La casa es única, se duerme estupendamente, la comida deliciosa!

Las clases de yoga geniales y todo el personal es encantador!

Espero volver pronto!

marta maximiano

from Spain, July 2018

Guillermo Alvarez

from Spain, March 2018

"La instr"

El trato muy personal enriquecedor y global que recibimos todos los participantes de las personas a cargo del lugar

Javier Gómez

from Spain, March 2018

"Espectacular experiencia!!!"

El lugar, la comida, la gente, la compañía.. Gracias!

Vanessa Sancho

from Spain, January 2018

"The best yoga retreat I have ever been!"

The location is great, surrounded by green an peace. The house is beautifully remodeled, with comfortable rooms and cozy common areas. And the best of all is the kind staff and the delicious food!

Heidi Van Haeften

from France, December 2017

"Luctor et emergo"

Ik ben/was geen vegetariër, doordat ik dit dagelijks 3x dit te eten kreeg ben ik het gaan waarderen. Ben van plan dit door te zetten.

Ben zeer tevreden en ontzettend dankbaar voor mijn yogalessen die door een vrijwilligster werd aangeboden. Amy; afgestudeerd lerares in India, ontzettend bedankt hiervoor!

David en Nuria, bedankt voor jullie gastvrijheid!

Silvia Ortiz

from Spain, November 2017

"Tranquilidad y relax"

Me encantaron las clases de yoga de Amy, una profesora inglesa instruída en la India y que practica un yoga muy espiritual. También excelente la comida vegetariana, David cocina con mucho cariño y los platos son deliciosos. Núria es un encanto, te facilita todo lo que necesitas para sentirte como en casa. Se puede dar bonitos paseos entre viñas y tomar el sol junto a una ermita cercana con muy buena energía, leer un buen libro en el chill out o junto a la llar de foc o meditar en una estancia de la casa muy especial. La Masía es maravillosa, con velitas y un olor a incienso muy agradable.

Si lo que buscas es relax, conectar contigo mismo y descansar, este es tu lugar.

Pamela Ventura Bassotti

from Italy, September 2017

Great experience. Beautiful people, magic place. Highly suggested. I would for sure come back.

Testimonials (1)

Leigh England

Anima Mundi Travels website

This magical and peaceful retreat stands proud and strong within the interestingly secure grounds of a medieval castle. Located within the heart of the central province, Catalonia is not as the locals would say “Español” these locals speak their own language “Catalan” which I soon found out when the taxi driver did not understand my not too advanced Spanish. As our host with her warming and beautiful smile, bright white teeth and clear air blue eyes, a picture of health walking proud and upright, Miss Mack Besch from Florida passionately guides her guests around the castles museum. She also doubles up as one of the yoga and mindfulness instructors. In the cellar it is believed to be where the farm animals may have stayed, and it did make sense considering it is the coolest room in the house. When I arrived to the retreat center I notice everyone takes their shoes off upon entry and to be honest I did not have a problem walking around barefoot the stone or tile floors as they did feel cool on the feet, which is better than the steel toe cap boots I wear for 10 hours a day. My castle room was made from sand stone castle bricks and had a small castle battle window that a guard would fire his bow and arrow out of. My bedroom, or should I say bed chamber, had a very well presented and bespoke sustainable bed frame made from pallets, a modern and impressive power shower, toilet and electrics, well done whoever designed the room, it was an aesthetically pleasing a mix between the original and the modern in a way that makes the bed chamber feel like antiques are not old. In total the castle can accommodate 15 people of which 6 of these rooms have their very own modern on-suit bathrooms just like my room. Besides your private room, we have access to a number of common rooms, as well as the courtyard, terraces and gardens. The evenings meal was delicious, like all the meals, a young and attractive German girl named Katja cooked the vast majority of the meals and throughout the week they got better and better from oats, seeds, fruit, smoothies and herbal teas for breakfast. The main meal is mid-day and Katja, AKA “Cordon bleu Kat” is a volunteer and she did a fantastic job cooking up the most scrumptious vegetarian cuisines, whether it was a spinach soup or a chick pea curry even the cous cous that Katja conjured up would not have been out of place in a top Paris or London restaurant. Before we eat every meal we stand around the table and hold hands, all for one and one for all like Musketeers. We are reminded that we mindfully give with our right hand, while we receive with our left hand. In Buddhism as well as Hinduism hand positions, what is known as mudras, were formed around the word manus which is the Latin word for hand. Katja gives a wonderful break down of the recipes; you have to admire her cooking the smell, the many different colours. We then, as a family within the safety of the castle, take a deep breath and chant Om (Aum). I knew at this point that this is the time for me to depart from my busy life and start my inner transformation. I am certainly in the right place with the gorgeous Mediterranean food at its finest cooked to perfection. After food we move into the main room or is it a Boudoir? The sun has gone down and we all get to know each other further. We talk about what we will be doing during our stay over the next five days. The positive energy is enhanced and Mack asks us all to think about a reason or what we intend to get out of our stay at Anima Mundi. At this point we are asked to write this thought on a small piece of paper and put it somewhere safe, we can tell everyone if we would like or we can just keep it to ourselves. While we think a thin white length of cotton is put around our wrists and tied tight this is to symbolise our intention. This cotton thread is known as ‘sai sin‘. The sai sin is supposed to provide protection and good health to the person wearing it. The colour of the thread is white because it represents purity in Buddhism. My intention this week was to clear my state of mind. Over the last few months or longer it was getting quite negative and I my thoughts were quite aggressive. I wanted to understand and fight any addictions, and more than anything just relax. We are asked to collect our mats, blocks and blankets and lie on our backs. We sit in the cross leg position where we take a few deep breaths and go through some yoga pranayama breaths. Shelly explains that Pranayama is the formal practice of controlling the breath, which is the source of our prana, or vital life force. This was followed by some light yoga postures and boy my body is tight I am not kidding every single posture hurt. Shelly has presence she holds the room’s awareness from her confidence and looks. Like a true professional teacher, she slowly works her magic upon you. I attended five morning sessions with Shelly and on my last day neither she nor I could believe the transformation, I actually could pounce straight into the warrior posture and I could balance in the tree pose without wobbling like spoon of jelly. At the end of each practise we relax in Yoga Nidra which involves laying on your back, legs and arms slightly apart and dropped to the sides and eyes closed. As Shelly works the attention around your body, this healing practise can help alleviate stress, depression and anxiety, something that I know I suffer from. Nidra repairs and restores the body it activates the nervous system that controls rest and digestion allowing the practitioner to enter into an ultimate state of total relaxation. I could feel it when I had come around, wow it was powerful and you do feel really good. I had forgotten about the old stressful working conditions and I just remember thinking how much I am going to enjoy the week. Each day as part of the retreat we are requested to do what is called Karma yoga, which kind of involves working on something worthwhile for the benefit of others, like a gift to all. Some people worked in the garden, some cleaning or sweeping. Me I decided to make a compost bin out of old pallets. We worked well together on Project Compost and finally it was finished on the morning that I had to leave, I cut the ribbon and we called the compost bin “Karma Kompo”. In the evenings while many people are getting plastered in Benidorm or Ibiza, we are having a stroll on a mindfulness walk meaning its slow, we are not going to talk and we are going to notice the smells, the colours, the animals. We are going to concentrate on the nature, take in the most amazing views as the sun slowly goes down and as we step we listen to the noise of the step. We take deep breaths in counting to 10 and slow breaths out counting to 10, a total relaxed and aware state. As a fox runs by we climb the hills overlooking the vine yards. We see a wild boar not fazed by our presence, which is definitely a rarity because these pigs do not hang around when they hear humans talk. The cows and the rabbits carrying on as normal. The birds flying past and chirping in the trees. What have learned from this alternative holiday? Well I am chilled, I am focused, I am going to make a difference however little that may be. I am going to just simply try be myself, be nice and spread the love, feel the love and not wait for what is perfect. I am here to create and attract that what is perfect. I know I am not addicted which is good and I can live a clean and healthy yoga lifestyle when I am ready. Soon someone will come into my life and that person will be special. We will live together in perfect peace and love will be in the air every day.

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