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Amalfi Lemon Experience

Amalfi Lemon Experience offers culinary vacations and lemon themed tours in Amalfi.

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Dawn Lockmiller USA


Our party of six took the Lemon Cooking Class. It is in a covered but open air location among the lemon groves and is very relaxing. The class is extremely well organized, and all the prep work is done so that all you have to do is combine the ingredients. Everyone participates and the motto is "if you don't cook, you don't eat." All the men in our group were not looking forward to doing this but went along to placate the wives, but in the end, they all loved it. We made a five-course meal, including fresh fettuccine and fresh ravioli, and in the end a lovely table was set with carafes of wine and all of us, including the cooks and the wife of the owner sat down and lingered over a fabulous meal. They do not rush you along, and we had a perfect afternoon in the lemon groves, cooking as a group and enjoying the fruits of our efforts!

Samir Bhuta India

TripAdvisor website

We stayed with Salvatore at the Lemon Farm, he has a two-bedroom apartment which he rents out. Amazing stay, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay there, having our breakfast right below the lemons! Salvatore is an amazing host, extremely friendly with a lot of knowledge and his love for this farm is legendary, everyone at the farm is also very proud of him. Thanks a lot, Sal, for the perfect Amalfi holiday, we will be back for sure. The Limoncello was the best we have had, made from organic lemons! Don't miss it!

Eva R.

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Salvatore, the owner, had both heart and brain and shared his personal story along with the telling of how his family grow this fantastic lemons growing like grapes. Believe me - it is hard work! And their dedication to ecological growth was really inspiring. Like someone else wrote - it is worth every penny and more. They tell the story along with showing you around the plantations, taste of wonderful cake and lemon drink and after you get to see there museum and shop. All very nicely guided.

a traveler Canada


Cook with locals passionate about their product. We spent an enjoyable (but rainy) day with Ramona and her family visiting a museum of the family lemon grove and then sampling the resulting Limoncello and other products. We were unable to tour the lemon groves due to the rain but the rest of the experience was amazing. We did see some of the lemon groves from the edges and sampled a Sfusato Amalfitano. While enjoying a glass of local wine, the guests and family members together prepared a typical Italian meal to share with other guests and the family.The menu included bruschetta, gnocchi with tomato sauce, eggplant parmesan, meatballs and lemon tiramisu. Featured in most dishes, was the famous Amalfi lemon. We ate and talked about the history of the lemon on the Amalfi Coast, the joys and struggles of organic farming, and many other interesting subjects. If you are looking for something that allows you to interact in a meaningful way with a local family, this tour and cooking experience is for you.

Colleen F. USA

TripAdvisor website

Simply fantastic tour. Very inexpensive and the tour was full of information regarding growing, work it takes to keep it going. Salvatore the owner is, I think, the eighth generation. This place is extremely large and beautiful. Full of culture, history, the lemons are like nothing you see in the USA, not on Boston. Also the entire tour group outstanding people. Salvatore is so personable and passionate about his life.

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