Located at the Villa Pandolfini in Tuscany, Italy, Accademia Italian di Cucina Pandolfini has a combined total of around 20 years experience in providing authetic Italian cooking classes and tours.

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Anil Sharma

from United States, October 2018

"Tuscany Tour and Culinary Experience"

The week was meticulously and thoughtfully designed to put together personalised tours of stunning Tuscany with inspirational cooking classes and gastronomic experiences of local restaurants.

The Executuve chefs, particularly Luciano were highly skilled and experienced in their craft, entertaining and excellent teachers. The group format led to great comaraderie amongst the participants. Meghan and Massimo made sure every detail was taken care of and there was ample personal time also.

It was a truly memorable week.

We will definitely return with friends and family !!

Glen Zalkin

from United States, October 2019

"Really good cooking school experience!"

The purpose of the experience was to get to spend time with professional chefs and others with a passion for cooking. No frills or add-one. That’s exactly what we got. 5 hrs in the kitchen with fantastic Italian chefs and and a small group of students every day for 6 straight days! Who could want more?

Saundra Tobman

from Canada, May 2018

"Culinary expertise at Tastes of Tuscany"

The individual dishes taught are a real cross-section of Italian cooking. Now when we eat these dishes at local restos we are critical of THEIR chefs:-) Alberto and Luciano went to great lengths to provide professional tips on fine dining. Meaghan, the owner of Villa Pandolfini was SO accommodating! She did everything in her power to make her guests happy. This was a trip of a lifetime.